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Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid

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Mobile Grid provides unsurpassed ease of data capture for NFC-RFID, & barcode scanners as well as other types of data capture. Use Bluetooth, WiFi & camera scanners, send data as Excel, CSV, PDF, to email address FTP or post data directly to SQL with one tap on the mobile.
Provides easy-to-use 'Action Profiles' technology that enables customized scripting for virtually unlimited types of solutions. Inventory counting, Attendance management, Role Taking, Lead Capture, Job Time Tracking, Security Checkpoints, Inspections, Field service, Bus Attendance, Emergency Evacuations & Mustering, Manufacturing, Tool Tracking, Restocking, Ticket Check-in, Sales, Asset Tracking, and more.
Multiple simultaneous connections to Bluetooth and WiFi devices e.g. collect data from NFC-RFID, barcode, Mag Swipe readers at the same time. Supports Built-in NFC, RFID, Barcode scanners.
Supports Scanfob® Ultra-BB2 GEN2 UHF reader/writer, Scanfob® NFC-BB2 HF NFC reader/writer, Scanfob® 3002i Scanner, OPN2006-SF, Intermect IP30, TSL1128, idChamp RS2 NFC Reader for Mifare, Tagit, iClass, AWID, LF PROX HID, vWand, and more, livestock readers, and so many more there's not room for all here.
Supports Scanfob®, idChamp, caBLE(tm) dongle, Bluetooth Smart (BLE) devices,
Works with all-in-one scanner devices like Opticon H-27, Janam XT1, Trimble Juno T41, Symbol(Motorola) TC55, and more that have built-in NFC, RFID, & Barcode scanners.
Supports vWand UID and user data
Note when using app with non-genuine scanner, registration code may be needed.
支持Scanfob®超BB2 GEN2超高频读写器/写入器,Scanfob®NFC-HF BB2 NFC读/写器,Scanfob®3002i扫描仪,OPN2006-SF,Intermect IP30,TSL1128,idChamp RS2 NFC阅读器的Mifare,Tagit,iCLASS非,AWID, LF PROX HID,vWand,多,牲畜的读者,和那么多的有没有房间都在这里。
适用于喜欢的Opticon H-27,Janam XT1,天宝朱诺T41,符号(摩托罗拉)TC55的所有功能于一身的扫描仪设备,更是内置了NFC,RFID,条形码和扫描仪。
支持vWand UID和用户数据

Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid 更新内容

Ver 4.8.7
-Stability improvements
-Constant read mode icon added
-Support for Scanfob qid UHF scanner
Ver 4.5.63
-Fixed RFID output format option

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Android 2.3 以上
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