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Basemark ES 2.0太极版

Basemark ES 2.0太极版

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Basemark ES 2.0太极版 截图

Basemark ES 2.0太极版 Basemark ES 2.0太极版 Basemark ES 2.0太极版 Basemark ES 2.0太极版 Basemark ES 2.0太极版 Basemark ES 2.0太极版

Basemark ES 2.0太极版 描述

Rightware's Basemark™ ES 2.0 Taiji Free gaming and graphics performance measurement utility is a consumer-version of the mobile industry’s standard graphics benchmarking product. The world’s most widely adopted graphics benchmarking software used by mobile phone manufacturers and semiconductor companies is now available for gamers, game developers and all consumers who want to measure the performance of their devices in the context of gaming and graphics.
Basemark™ ES 2.0 Taiji Free provides a scientifically designed and reliable game scene – Taiji Girl – to test the 3D graphics performance of the embedded device. High-detail 3D content in Taiji Girl generates a workload that taxes OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation in a realistic, visually stunning way. After running the benchmark, users can easily check how the performance of their device compares to other devices with the integrated Power Board online service.
Basemark™ ES 2.0 Taiji Free product and Power Board service are targeted only for consumer and independent media use, and any commercial use is strictly forbidden.
Rightware的Basemark™ES 2.0太极免费的游戏和图形性能测量工具是移动通信行业的标准图形基准产品的消费者版本。现在的玩家来说,游戏开发商和消费者谁想要来衡量他们的设备的性能,在游戏和图形的背景下,世界上最广泛采用的图形基准测试软件,手机制造商和半导体公司。
Basemark™ES 2.0太极拳免费提供一个科学的设计和可靠的游戏场景 - 太极女孩 - 测试的嵌入式设备的3D图形性能。高细节的3D内容的太极女孩产生的工作量,税收OpenGL ES 2.0的一个现实的,惊人的视觉效果的方式实施。在运行基准测试,用户可以很容易地检查其设备的性能如何与其他设备的在线服务集成的电源板。
Basemark™ES 2.0太极产品和电源板服务只针对消费者和独立的媒体使用,严禁任何商业用途。

Basemark ES 2.0太极版 更新内容

新版变化 Version 1.2: System info view tweaks. Fixed shading issues on some devices. Version 1.1: Updated System Info. Version 1.0: Portion of the full Basemark™ ES 2.0 product Immediate access to Power Board online database Objective and trustworthy comparison of graphics performance between different devices 了解更多

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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