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RingCentral RingCentral RingCentral RingCentral RingCentral RingCentral RingCentral RingCentral RingCentral RingCentral

RingCentral 描述

Download the RingCentral app for Android — the essential application to your RingCentral business phone system. Manage your phone system directly from your Android phone and take your business calls, voice messages, business text messages ***, and faxes—anywhere.
Use the RingCentral app on your Android phone and tablet to:
- Show your RingCentral business number as your Caller ID when you make calls. *, **
- Business text messaging to send and receive text messages with your RC local number. ***
- Department messaging feature to send and receive text messages to department members. ***
- Make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi without using your carrier minutes.
- Use VoIP calling to make local calls to your home country while traveling internationally. *
- VoIP calls can be received directly on this app by turning ON the option in Settings. If the call is not answered on the app, it will ring other numbers based on the forwarding rules. ****
- Keep all your business voicemails and faxes separate from your personal messages.
- See who left a message, forward messages, and tap to return calls with Visual Voicemail.
- Send and receive faxes, by accessing photos, email attachments, and cloud storage such as Dropbox and Box.
- View call time, date, and duration, and return calls directly from your RingCentral call logs.
- Receive push notifications for incoming messages.
- Access your company extensions as a contact group.
- Conferencing feature with unlimited conference calling for up to 1000 participants per conference. *****
Get a cloud business phone system from RingCentral that delivers:
- Local or toll-free numbers (including 800, 855, 866, 877 and 888 numbers)
- Business text messaging ***
- Auto-receptionist
- Multiple extensions
- Advanced call management and answering rules
- Multiple voicemail boxes
- Visual voicemail
- Internet fax
- Music on hold
- Custom greetings
- Call screening
- Call queues
- Dial-by-name directory
- Conferencing *****
IMPORTANT: RingCentral for Android requires an existing RingCentral account.
1. Emergency calling will not work outside of the U.S., Canada, or U.K..
2. Call quality may be affected when using VoIP outside of the U.S, Canada, U.K. or RingCentral Global Office supported countries.
3. International and roaming charges from your mobile carrier may apply when using RingOut outside of your home country. Please check with your mobile carrier.
** RingOut is not available for Android tablets.
*** Business text messaging is currently available for Office customers. SMS is only available for RingCentral U.S. and Canada Office customers. Extension-to-extension messaging is available for all RingCentral Office customers.
**** You must enable the option to notify your Softphone and Smartphone in your extension's "Call Handling & Forwarding" menu. We suggest you set it to a minimum of 8 rings.
***** Currently available on select RingCentral Office plans.
Tell us what you think at rcmobilefeedback@ringcentral.com
下载Android版应用程序RingCentral - 必要的应用程序到您的RingCentral业务电话系统。直接从您的Andr​​oid手机管理您的电话系统和您的业务电话,语音邮件,商务短信***和传真任何地方。
- 显示您的RingCentral业务号码的来电显示,当你拨打电话。 *,**
- 商务短信发送和您的RC本地号码接收短信。 ***
- 部门消息功能来发送和接收短信部门成员。 ***
- 拨打VoIP,而无需使用您的运营商分钟的通话通过Wi-Fi。
- 使用VoIP呼叫,使本地电话到你的祖国,而国际旅行。 *
- VoIP呼叫,可以通过打开设置选项直接收到这个程序。如果电话未在应用程序回答,它会响的基础上的转发规则其他号码。 ****
- 把你所有的企业语音邮件和传真从您的个人信息中分离出来。
- 看看谁离开的消息,转发消息,并点击返回与可视语音邮件的呼叫。
- 发送和接收传真,通过访问照片,电子邮件附件,以及云存储,如Dropbox和Box中。
- 查看通话时间,日期和持续时间,以及回报您的RingCentral的通话记录直接调用。
- 接收传入的消息推送通知。
- 访问你的公司扩展为一个联络小组。
- 无限电话会议每会议多达1000个参与者会议功能。 *****
- 本地或免费电话号码(包括800,855,866,877和888号)
- 企业短信***
- 自动接待员
- 多个扩展名
- 先进的呼叫管理和应答规则
- 多种语音信箱
- 可视语音邮件
- 互联网传真
- 音乐等待
- 自定义的问候
- 呼叫筛选
- 呼叫队列
- 拨号按姓名目录
- 会议*****
您所在国家以外的使用RingOut 3时,国际漫游从您的移动运营商可能会收费。请与您的移动运营商检查。
** RingOut不适用于Android平板电脑。
***商务短信是目前可用于办公的客户。 SMS是仅适用于RingCentral美国和加拿大的客户处。扩展到扩展的消息可用于所有RingCentral办公室的客户。

RingCentral 更新内容

• Dial into a conference call or meeting with one tap while driving or on the go. Tap "Join Now" in the menu to try it out.
• Cloud Favorites: Favorites are now synchronized across RingCentral apps
• RingCentral® Global Office™: Unify and connect your international workforce around the world. Now supporting Austria, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Portugal, and Taiwan
• Bug fixes
• Synchronize your personal contacts to RingCentral Cloud. Easily access a contact across all your RingCentral apps

RingCentral 历史版本

RingCentral 使用技巧

RingCentral 信息

Android 4.4.4 以上



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