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Librewery Beer App

Librewery Beer App

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Librewery Beer App Librewery Beer App Librewery Beer App Librewery Beer App Librewery Beer App Librewery Beer App Librewery Beer App Librewery Beer App

Librewery Beer App 描述

Librewery beer guide for beer lovers and beer clubs.
Enjoy your beer more with Librewery, the Beer Library! Configure and filter the beer list the way you want. Track, rate, and share beers, find new beers and and earn achievements!
Over 6000 beers stored locally, and 52000 total for fast access. No account or login required!
With Librewery, you can experience your beer in a whole new way. Rate the beers you’ve had, and Librewery can show you insights to what you like, don’t like, and maybe should try. Post your reviews with the new share features! Designed especially for use with beer clubs like World of Beer and Mellow Mushroom, local taprooms, well stocked bars and, Oktoberfest and other beer festivals.
- Keep your beer experiences organized and recorded
- Post photo/rating to social network if desired
- Detailed beer info -- style, location, descriptions, users ratings
- They don’t have it? Add to your Wishlist and get it next time
- See where your beers came from on Google Maps
- Use visualizations for insights
- Add beer search widget to homescreen for fast info
- Monitor battery life with beer theme battery widget
- *NEW* option to report missing beers if 4600 beers aren't enough!

Librewery Beer App 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Android 2.2 issue with database size resolved (Droid)

- Facebook integration with photo or simple post

- Now over 4600 beers in list

- Quick action menu for easier use

- Report missing beer option made available by Android market rating

Librewery Beer App 历史版本

Librewery Beer App 使用技巧

Librewery Beer App 信息

摄影图像 美化
Android 2.1.0 以上

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