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Have you ever had to work out what time it will be in your location for a particular time in another location somewhere around the world? Maybe you want to call somebody at 8am Paris time. Or you want to attend a phone meeting which is held at 5pm Tokyo time.
Of course there are plenty of world clocks available to give you the current time anywhere across the globe. However, with such world clocks you are still on your own if you need a time other than the current time. You surely went through the exercise of adding or subtracting hours to derive your time once you worked out the difference between the time zones.
Did you make it to the phone meeting on time? Did you wake up the person in Paris? Or have you been late?
The Time Machine relieves you from all these burdens. Unlike other world clocks the Time Machine goes a step further and allows you to enter a specific time in any one location and the app will automatically calculate the time in other locations of your choice.
So the next time when you have to work out "What time is it in ... when it is 5pm in ...?" the Time Machine will have the answer ready for you in no time. No guess work involved.
The user interface is clean and straight forward which makes the app very easy to use. It presents you with multiple locations of your choice.
To add a new location simply press the '+' at the top right hand corner (note: you can add any location by choosing 'From Map' after tapping on the '+', then tap on the map to select your location).
To reorder them simply long press a location and drag and drop it to its new position. You can also press the menu button at the far right of each location for more options.
For changing the time uncheck the tick box saying 'Use current time'. The time slider appearing on the top of the screen allows you to manually change the time simply by dragging it.
• NOW: you can add any location to your list by tapping on the map to select it!
• Drag and drop to reorder the cities in the list
• Time calculator features fully customisable locations with local times
• Immediate answers to questions like "What time is it in ... when it is 5pm in ...?"
• Set specific times manually or view the current local time for any location
• Very easy and intuitive to use world clock and world timezones converter
• Slider adjustable time by simply dragging it across the screen
• Time converter adjusts all parameters automatically to your changes
• Map integrated for displaying locations on a map
• Calculate the distance from your current location to the location on the map
• And the best: Time Machine is all free
Give it a shot and download the Time Machine world time clock converter for free now!
Note that this app is ad supported. If you are looking for an ad free version then please consider downloading our paid version called 'Time Machine (No Ads)'.
Below note is only for people in Russia or people who set their phone to a Russian timezone (ignore it if this does not describe you).
--> Note: Russia has changed its timezone management a while back and not all the phones have adjusted to it yet.
If you are based in Russia and/or you are setting your phone to a Russian timezone then do the following:
a) Go to Settings 'Date & Time'
b) Untick the box 'Automatic'
c) Manually select your Russian timezone (i.e. Moscow). On most Android versions it says GMT+3:00 which is no longer accurate.
d) Manually set the time to the correct local time.
e) That's it.
- >注意:俄罗斯已经改变了它的时区的管理而回,不是所有的手机都调整到它。
三)手动选择你的俄罗斯时区(即莫斯科)。在大多数的Andr​​oid版本中,它GMT +3:00说是不再准确。

时间机器 更新内容

• New User Interface design
• Add any location simply by tapping on the map
• Drag and Drop your locations to reorder them in the list (long press the location to activate drag and drop)

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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