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RoadAid RoadAid RoadAid RoadAid RoadAid RoadAid

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Stop wasting time in traffic and get to your destinations - quicker!
RoadAid brings real-time traffic insight based on crowdsourcing.
Have you ever received a traffic update over the radio as you are pulling into a traffic jam? If only you could have known about it 30 seconds ago.
With RoadAid you can interact with other people on the road.
It's a social networking application for traffic related insight.
Early, continuous and relevant traffic insights provided by people on the road, help prevent traffic jams and congestions, or at least help you avoid getting caught in one.
Furthermore RoadAid helps you get a quick overview over cheap gas prices near you by using either the map or the new list layout specially designed for gas prices.
By using RoadAid, you'll be able to:
- Report different types of incidents, such as Traffic, Police, Caution and more.
- Receive audio and visual alerts when in proximity of reported incidents.
- Receive continuous live traffic updates.
- View details about incidents by tapping on the map markers.
- Follow traffic situation elsewhere by searching other locations.
- See the driving direction of every report.
- Report incidents observed in different travel directions.
- Share traffic insight with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
- Confirm or dismiss reported incidents by tapping map markers or icons in list.
- Choose between map and list view.
- Get dynamic zoom, based on your driving speed.
- Option for dynamic alert distance, based on your driving speed.
- Automatic version check, to ensure you have the latest RoadAid version available.
Live traffic informations can also be viewed on the "Live Map" @ www.road-aid.com
Stop wasting time in traffic and get to your destinations - quicker!
Visit our website: http://www.road-aid.com
Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/roadaid
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/roadaid
Description of RoadAid’s use of the application permissions:
Your location - is used to retrieve traffic incidents in proximity of the user.
Network communication - uses the Internet to communicate with RoadAid services.
Phone calls- used to deactivate audio alerts by RoadAid while in call.
System tools - used to verify RoadAid's foreground/background application state.
RoadAid Traffic Insight, Road Aid, Road-Aid
Tags: radar, road traffic, live traffic, speed traps, police, Maps navigation, police radar, route info, road info

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Android 1.6 以上



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