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Sage Mobile Payments

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Sage Mobile Payments Sage Mobile Payments Sage Mobile Payments Sage Mobile Payments Sage Mobile Payments

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Accept credit cards on your Android device with Sage! Sage Mobile Payments is the next generation solution for mobile credit card acceptance, now with a completely redesigned user interface and enhanced features like signature capture, tax & tip calculator. Sage Mobile Payments enables secure payment and commerce functionality - to help you sell more, faster, easier! Perfect for Direct Sales and other small business owners and entrepreneurs. YOU MUST HAVE A MERCHANT ACCOUNT TO USE THIS APPLICATION. With Sage Mobile Payments you can do more than accept credit cards, you can capture customer data, email receipts, track transactions, transfer funds, and much more. Sage Mobile Payments has the highest level of security, with full PCI DSS certification! Your transactions are always secure. SAGE MOBILE PAYMENTS FEATURES INCLUDE: •CREDIT SALES Accept credit & debit card payments. •CASH SALES Record cash sales to track customer & transactions. •OFFLINE SALES Record transactions when outside of wireless coverage and upload them when you are back in coverage. •VOIDS & REFUNDS •INQUIRIES Review your transactions ‘Last 30 Days’ or ‘Current Batch’. Even email yourself a .csv file to view & track transactions on your PC. •USE ON YOUR PC/MAC You can also access Sage Mobile Payments on your PC or MAC. UNLIKE OTHER CREDIT CARD APPLICATIONS - Sage Mobile Payments: 1.Provides Full Range of POS functionalities including Refunds, Void, Signature capture, Tax & Tip calculator, Offline sales, Inquiries. 2.Delivers an expanding range of valuable functions, such as CRM function to help you track customer data, and the ability to transfer transaction data to Quicken or Quickbooks, access your Paycard activities, and more. 3.Works across all major mobile phones with the mobile carriers of your choice. Your Android device will run Sage Mobile Payments the exact same way as other mobile devices. One account can be accessed by multiple devices, so even different sales team members who don't have an Android phone can run Sage Mobile Payments the same way with seamless support! If you ever choose to switch phones, your Sage Mobile Payments account will follow you. 4.Has full online and call center support. Use the Sage Mobile Payments Portal to access your account information, transaction data, get training and support, and use Sage Mobile Payments on PC/MAC.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
ROAM Data, Inc.

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