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Rome all in one guide

Rome all in one guide

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Rome all in one guide Rome all in one guide Rome all in one guide Rome all in one guide Rome all in one guide Rome all in one guide

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Dont forget to download our FREE Sistine Chaple promo app. all you need to experience the sublime beauty of Michelangleo's masterpice, now FREE! see our St.Peters Basilica app too.
Offline guide for all the need to know infor on your trip to Rome, avoid expensive roaming fees, and have maps, metro stops and museum info at your finger tips as well as the best resturants in Roma. Please read Maps and Previews after download for money saving tips.
See where in Roma you are in photo detail with no roaming fees. Also includes offline metro, train and sites maps. Offline Rome restaurants selected by Tour guides, locals and frequent visitors of Roma. Designed to avoid foreign roaming charges during travel in Italy. Replace the archaic tour book, Experience the city the chic way; Roma mobile style.If you like Rick Steves and trip advisor, and the trip-advisor app, give us a try.
We specialize in giving more specific detail, with timelines, more in-depth material and academic level research, and give you the gems acquired from years living, working and studying in Rome by ex-pats.
Don't forget to checkout our self guided tours, search for Romavita. These provide the best historic and artistic detail of the Sistine Chapel and Basilica provided by academic tour guides with advanced degrees in Art and Roman History.
Restaurant Top picks, to help visitors experience the best of Roman cuisine. Beyond the top selection also includes an additional wi-fi Area map of over 50 additional top picks to find a good restaurant closest to you.
Includes Museum guide for top museum and a historical time line.
Pinch and zoom Rome map series, Tour map, Metro, and Local Trains, Rome Districts, Historical map.
+ Top pick restaurants, (offline)
+ 30 of Romes best Museums (offline)
+ Scrollable Time line (offline)
+ info on major tour sites and contact info to licensed tour-guides(offline)
Wifi Features
+ Rome churches organized by century (online)
+ Additional 50 Top restaurants, organized by find nearest (online)
+ Additional 30 museums (online), over 60 total covering all major museums
Don't forget to checkout our app tours, search Romavita in the app market
The online features use Google Maps for navigation Directions. Thanks to Google maps 5.0, directions can used offline with out roaming fees, and no need for Wi-Fi or GPS once choice is selected.
Now includes 5 additional street maps of Rome's top attractions.
+ 30罗梅斯最好的博物馆(离线)

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Updated to new Google SDK Now supports tablets. Removed add insertions. Restaurants & Museums updated. Version 4.02 added Rome find ATM map. Updated map interface, added tips for downloaded maps usage.

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