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Pregnancy App - Expertli

Pregnancy App - Expertli

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Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli Pregnancy App - Expertli

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► Pregnancy Calculator
- Duedate, remained days, your current pregnancy week, expected baby zodiac and birth season, day of week and your expected age :)
► Weekly Information
- Get weekly information about you and your baby.
- Images of how your baby looks like in your belly.
- Check expected size and weight of your baby. Your baby is a size of apple, lemon? Check it here :)
- Watch relevant development videos based on your current pregnancy week.
► Articles and Videos
- More than 120 baby development videos.
- More than 100 unique articles published by our experts.
- Filter by topics like: Baby development, yoga and exercises, nutrition, and more.
► Daily Tips
- You will see short but very essential daily tips.
► Weight Tracker
- Log and track your weight progress.
- 3 different graphs with overall view, gained weight per month and your weight vs. healthy weight range.
► Gallery
- Take pictures or pick from your phone gallery and see how your body is changed over weeks.
► Experts and Channels
- Follow real experts and subscribe to channels on things like prenatal health, nutrition and fitness.
- Read and discover unique articles.
► Flower Widget
- Follow a very cute flower pot widget that tracks your daily progress.
► Customizations and More
- Enable daily progress notifications.
- Select your prefered weight (gram/pound) and height units (centimeter/inch).
- Is it a surrogate pregnancy or are you a partner, you can adjust some titles in app screen to read about 'her' and not 'you'.
- You can create and share interesting widgets to Facebook.
And, more...
Stay tuned for additional new features coming soon!
For any questions and feedback, please contact us by: support@expertli.me
- 交货期,维持天,你现在的怀孕周,预计本周宝宝的生肖和出生的季节,白天和你预期的年龄:)
- 获取有关您和您的宝宝每周信息。
- 你的宝宝怎么看起来像你的腹部图像。
- 检查预期的尺寸和重量的宝宝。你的宝宝是苹果,柠檬大小?这里检查它:)
- 根据您目前的怀孕周关注有关发展的视频。
- 超过120宝宝发育的视频。
- 由我们的专家发表了100多篇独特。
- 通过类似主题筛选:婴儿发育,瑜伽和锻炼,营养,和更多。
- 你会看到短,但很重要的每日提示。
- 记录和跟踪你的体重的进展。
- 3种不同的图形与大局观,体重增加每月体重与健康的体重范围内。
- 拍摄照片,或从手机图库,看看你的身体是改变了数周。
- 按照真正的专家和订阅这类事情,产前保健,营养和健康的渠道。
- 阅读和发现独特的物品。
- 按照一个很可爱的花盆小部件,可以追踪你每天的进步。
- 启用每天进步通知。
- 选择您喜欢的重量(克/磅)和高度的单位(厘米/英寸)。
- 它是一个代孕还是你的合作伙伴,你可以调整一些商品在应用程序的屏幕,了解“她”,而不是“你”。
- 您可以创建和分享有趣的小部件到Facebook。

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* Bug fixes

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育儿亲子 育儿 早教
Android 4.0.2 以上

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