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Runescape GE Lookup Runescape GE Lookup Runescape GE Lookup Runescape GE Lookup

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"The most feature rich and user friendly ge app on the market, and its free!"
== NOTE ==
We are writing this app again from scratch, with cleaner code that works better. I can't tell you when we are done, it might take a while.
== NOTE ==
Got a few problems with the router in my new home, will fix it this weekend.
== NOTE ==
The runescape ge tracker is 100% safe, if you do not trust to log in directly, read the readme file to find out how to insert the cookies manually using your webbrowser on your computer
Runescape ge lookup is a easy to use application to browse through the runescape grand exchange database. All items are listed with their current price and their price changes. If you click on an item you will see more details of that item. The Runescape item database is updated once every ~24 hours, when an update occurs, Runescape GE Lookup will automatically notify you when that update happens.
-Runescape Grand Exchange price lookup
-Item details
-Price change over 30, 90 and 180 days
-Item graph
-Price update notifier
-Grand exchange item box widget
-Search for best alch items
-Add favorite items to your watch list
-Live information about RS Grand exchange offers
**This is a feature, you do not have to use it. So for the people who think this isn't safe you can use the app without logging in**
*NOTE* the search results are initially from a database, when you click the item you will get the live price (database may be a couple of hours old). Only want live prices? disable the databasemode in the settings.
If you happen to find any bugs, please use the 'Report a bug' button in the menu.
There is a bug with the show best alch items option in the menu. It doesn't forceclose on all phones but if it does, there will be an update that will fix this.

Runescape GE Lookup 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:This was one of our biggest updates sofar, please report any bugs by mail with the 'Report a bug' button in the menu!
-Fixed the application to work with the new rs website
-Made the graph like the old rs graphs (the new graphs are not accurate at all)
-Added a option to track personal ge offers
-(Awesome!) Widget to see your ge offers
-Added GE database mode for maximum performance
-Home screen shows your favorite items
-Extra information database should be complete now (thank you all)

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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