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Vampires Live Calculator

Vampires Live Calculator

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Vampires Live Calculator Vampires Live Calculator Vampires Live Calculator Vampires Live Calculator Vampires Live Calculator Vampires Live Calculator

Vampires Live Calculator 描述

A simple Vampires Live Calculator with all the frills and no ads or fees.

A simple calculator for Vampires Live by Storm 8.

Things of note:



This app is built from the ground up to provide the fastest calculation possible for all your needs.

Included Calculations:

* Calculate a user specified number of slaves to purchase next for income or defense.

* Calculate the slaves you can buy with a user entered amount of money for income or defense.

* Calculate the number of slaves, and how much it will cost, to produce a user entered amount of blood an hour.

* Adds all purchased slaves (that it suggested) to your counts without having to add them in manually.

* Calculate the number of allies you can bring into a fight.

* Calculate the abilities, and how many, that will be used in attack or defense operations.

* Shows the abilities that are wasting blood because they are not used during attack or defense operations.

* Calculates the best abilities for your level.

* Takes into account Mission Mastery loot items.

* Income Extrapolation - Shows you the number of abilities you can buy (that have upkeep) and the number of slaves needed to cover the upkeep cost. Simply select the ability you wish to buy and the amount of blood to spend, and extrapolate!

* Income Extrapolation by Count - Same as the Income Extrapolation calculator, but you specify the number of abilities to purchase. It'll calculate the required slaves to cover the upkeep!

* Basic Defense - Based on a user entered defense value, the calculator will create a list of all defensive slaves needed in order to fill the request and the total cost of the project.

* Multiple-Account selection. Store more then 1 'account' for Vampires Live on the same calculator and switch between them as needed.

Did we mention no ads and that it's free?

Developer Request:

If the program Force-Closes for some reason and you are presented with a "Report Bug" button or something similar, please report it! The report contains valuable information as to why it crashed. This is true for ALL android applications. If you don't report it, we can't fix it!


Please read the Help/FAQ Guide in reference to all the new items before using them! Any other questions, concerns, etc, please visit our site at http://www.az-prod.net and let us know!

** WANT MORE!? **

If you play any other Storm8 games, or any games at all that could use a calculator, let us know on our site and we'll start working on it!

Make sure to check out our original World War by Storm8 Calculator as well, or the iMobsters calculator! Search for RussellApps or WarCalc to get it!

Vampires Live Calculator 更新内容


* Fixed Calculation error with the Flesh Hungry Beast.

* Updated Contributors Listing.

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Vampires Live Calculator 信息

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Android 2.1.0 以上
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