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Take your TV with you, everywhere you go! Watch Live TV; Catch Up on your favourite shows and thousands of Tata Sky On Demand movies and videos whenever and wherever you want on your phone! With the Transfer service you can stream and transfer your recorded content from the Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box. That’s not all. You can also use this app to control your Tata Sky set top box, browse through the EPG and record TV programmes.
Features that can be used by all Tata Sky subscribers:
- Live TV: carry your TV with you
• Live TV: stream live TV channels across genres like sports, news, entertainment and many more. To easily find channels you want to watch Genre based listing is available.
• Tata Sky On Demand: stream and download thousands of videos from our library of thousands of movies, Do it Yourself videos and many other fun videos. Also stream the last five days' episodes of your favourite TV shows
- EPG: browse through 3 day programme listings with synopsis in Remote Record section
- Social sharing: share what your are watching with friends on facebook & Twitter
- My Tata Sky: View your Tata Sky account summary and current pack details
Features that can be used by all Tata Sky+ HD & Tata Sky+ Transfer subscribers:
- Wi-Fi remote: control your Tata Sky+ HD box:
• Full remote: this view is an exact representation of your Tata Sky remote
• Gesture remote: a quick way to change channels and control volume
• Quick remote: just one tap to tune to your favourite TV channels
- Remote record: set recordings for your favourite TV shows
Features that can be used only by all Tata Sky+ Transfer subscribers:
- Transfer feature allows you to watch recorded content on your device from the Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box.
• Transfer recorded content to device over Wi-Fi
• Stream recorded content from the set top box to the device over Wi-Fi
- This version of the app is supported on Android 4.1.2 or higher
- Different versions are available for Android Tabs and Phones
- To enjoy the app you will require 3G/ Wi-Fi broadband connection
- To use Transfer service a Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box is required.
For more information on the app visit: http://www.tatasky.com/tata-sky-mobile
- 电视直播:随身携带您的电视与你
- EPG:到3天的课程列表浏览与远程录像节简介
- 社会共享:共享你的是与Facebook和Twitter上的好友看
- 我的塔塔天空:查看塔塔天空帐户摘要和电流包详细信息
- 无线网络连接远程:控制你的塔塔天空+高清对话框:
- 远程记录:为您喜爱的电视节目录制设定
- 转移功能可以让你观看你的设备从天空塔塔转让+机顶盒的录制内容。
- 此版本的应用支持在Android 4.1.2或更高版本
- 不同的版本可用于Android的标签和手机
- 要享受应用程序,你将需要3G /无线网络的宽带连接
- 要使用接送服务,但需要塔塔天空+传输机顶盒。

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