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GooManagerCM rom工具

GooManagerCM rom工具

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GooManagerCM rom工具 GooManagerCM rom工具 GooManagerCM rom工具 GooManagerCM rom工具 GooManagerCM rom工具 GooManagerCM rom工具

GooManagerCM rom工具 描述

This app is a front-end for the Android file hosting site, Goo.im. It allows for downloads of ROMs, Google Apps packages, kernels, apps, and any other file available via the website. Update notifcations are available for ROMs and Google Apps packages. Please note that notifications are not via GCM (push messages) but run at start-up, and every 2-24 hours (configurable in-app).
This app is for ROOTED devices! Custom ROMs can not do anything on a stock device.
Some custom ROMs come with this app pre-installed. If an Uninstall option is not available in Google Play, you can disable the app or can uninstall using an application such as Root Explorer or TitaniumBackup.
CONTACT: If you would like, you can contact us by sending an email to contact@snipanet.com, join #Goo-Inside.me on Freenode IRC, our Google+ Community (http://goo.gl/VzwBf), or @GooInsideme on Twitter.
PRICE: This app is completely free, and will continue to be so. Those who wish to donate can do so via the site, and will then be able to login using a Sponsor account, which will allow them to bypass waiting pages for life. Sponsor accounts can be used on both the site, and in the app.
CONTENT: Please note that Snipanet Services, Inc., Goo.im, and the administration thereof do not create the content available via the site and/or app. ROMs, apps, kernels, etc. are created and uploaded by developers. If there are no ROMs available for your device, it means that no developers have uploaded ZIPs and tagged them as being compatible. Likewise, we cannot control if a developer incorrectly tags a file, does or does not upload a file, and so on.
PERMISSIONS: A break-down of permissions:
FULL NETWORK ACCESS: Allows the app to get the file lists, update notifications, download files, etc.
READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: Check the device’s model, so that the “Browse ROMs” menu will only show compatible ROMs.
MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS: So that the app can put the downloaded files on your device's storage.
VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS: Check that the device is connected to the Internet before trying to download anything or check for updates.
RUN AT STARTUP: So that the app can check for ROM updates once your device finishes booting.
SUPERUSER: To flash recovery images and reboot your device into recovery mode.

GooManagerCM rom工具 更新内容

- Fixed downloads not starting after countdown.
- TWRP flashing (hopefully) fixed on SGS4.
- Support for Superuser permission.
- Fixed flashing on Jellybean ROMs.
- Fixed GApps downloads on Jellybean.
- Various framework changes for later updates.
- Honeycomb support.
- Various bug fixes.
- New code for downloading files that should result in faster downloads.
- Various bug fixes.
- Framework changes for replacement of Android's DownloadManager API.

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Android 2.3 以上

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