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Power On Indicator simply flashes the device LED slowly, letting you see at a glance if your device is powered up. Note - most Android phones will not let any LEDs flash while the screen is on, so turn your screen off to see it work.
This application was written to overcome a hardware design flaw in the HTC Desire. When the Desire screen is off, there is no way of telling if it is powered on or not. The only way to switch on the screen is to press the power button, which boots the phone if it was off. This frustrating sequence led to a lot of accidental boot ups, and popping the battery out of the back of the device to stop the load sequence.
I wrote this app to blink the LED allowing you to be sure your phone is on or off.
Thanks for using Power On Indicator! I hope you find it useful. I must point out though, controlling phone LEDs is very difficult for software developers. Often there are reasons why the LED won\'t blink in ways I cannot fix. For example:
1 - You must exempt this from task killers or it won't work for very long.
2 - On most Android phones, all LEDs disable when the screen comes on.
3 - Not all phones support all settings. For example, a hardware limitation means the HTC Desire will only flash green once a second.
4 - Dragging your application's notification bar down disables all LED flashes for a minute.
5 - Enabling Direct Mode in other LED controlling apps will interfere with it.
Thank you everyone for your positive feedback!
I have decided to start compiling efficacy reports. More always welcome. Please let me know rather than giving 1 star.
HTC Desire - Works, but only with Green light
HTC Desire S - Works, but only with Green light
Desire Z - Works, but only with Green light
HTC Wildfire - Works, but only with Green light
Samsung Fascinate
Xperia arc - Works
Motorola Defy - Works
HTC Sensation - Works intermittently?
Samsung Galaxy S - Will never work (it has no physical LED)
Xperia Ray - Works intermittently?
Xperia U - Does not work
ZTE Warp - Does not work
简单的电源指示灯LED会缓慢闪烁的装置,让你一看便知,如果您的设备上电。注意 - 大多数Android手机不会让任何LED闪光灯,而在屏幕上,所以把你的屏幕上看到它的工作。
此应用程序的HTC Desire,克服了硬件设计上的缺陷。当欲望屏幕是关闭的,有判断上电或没有办法。只有这样,才能在屏幕上切换,按下电源按钮,启动手机,如果它是关闭的。这种令人沮丧的序列导致了很多意外启动UPS,电池弹出后面的设备停止装载序列。
1 - 你必须免除这种任务的杀手,否则将无法正常工作很长时间。
2 - 在大多数Android手机,所有的LED关闭时,屏幕有显示。
3 - 并非所有的手机都支持所有的设置。例如,硬体限制,指的HTC Desire只会闪烁一次,第二次绿色。
4 - 您的应用程序拖动通知栏下会禁用所有的LED闪烁一分钟。
5 - 启用直接模式的LED控制应用程序的干预。
HTC的欲望 - 工程,但只有绿灯亮
HTC Desire S的 - 工作,但只有绿色的光
Desire Z的 - 工程,但只有绿灯亮
HTC野火 - 工程,但只有绿灯亮
Xperia弧 - 工程
摩托罗拉Defy - 工程
HTC Sensation的 - 间歇式工作?
三星Galaxy S - 永远不会工作(它没有物理LED)
的Xperia雷 - 间歇式工作?
的Xperia U - 不工作
中兴通讯经 - 不工作

Power On Indicator 更新内容

Version 1.4
* Added ability to disable when charging.
* Added ability to disable when battery low.
Version 1.3
* Added some more colours. A user request...

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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