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SageQuest Mobile SageQuest Mobile SageQuest Mobile SageQuest Mobile SageQuest Mobile SageQuest Mobile

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Now you don't need to be tied to your desk to manage your fleet. SageQuest Mobile allows you to see and direct your field team from your smartphone. See where your trucks are, resolve issues, receive alerts, and manage efficiency -- all without having to call your home office or open a laptop.
- Quickly locate any driver in your mobile workforce
- Replay a driver's travel history
- Confirm driver activity and performance at any given time with powerful reports
- Monitor speeding, late starts, excess idling, and more with real-time alert notifications
- Look at performance on key metrics with Control Center and individual driver scorecards
- Add new place for on-the-go monitoring - customer sites, branch offices, warehouses, employee homes
- Roadspeed & Posted limits, for a complete picture of speed information and behavior
- Find the Nearest driver to any location or another driver within your fleet
- Dispatch from the field by sending stops directly to your drivers' Garmin devices
- Monitor aggressive driving with access to Driving Style metrics in Control Center
Please note: You must be a SageQuest customer to use the SageQuest Mobile app.
现在,你不必被捆绑到你的办公桌,管理你的舰队。 SageQuest手机可以让你看到和指导现场工作组从智能手机。你的车是解决问题,收到警报,和管理效率 - 所有这些都不打电话给你的家庭办公室或打开笔记本电脑。
- 快速找到任何驱动程序,在您的移动员工
- 重播司机的旅游史
- 确认驱动程序在任何给定的时间内的活动和性能与功能强大的报告
- 监控超速,后期开始,多余的空转,和更多的实时警报通知
- 在关键指标上的性能与控制中心和个人的驾驶记分卡
- 添加新的地方的去监控 - 客户站点,分公司,仓库,员工之家
- Roadspeed发表的界限,为一个完整的画面的速度信息和行为
- 查找最近的驱动程序的任何位置或另一个驱动程序在你的舰队
- 发送通过发送站直接从外地司机的Garmin设备
- 监视攻击性驾驶的驾驶风格指标在控制中心访问

SageQuest Mobile 更新内容

New to SageQuest Mobile
- Support for WiFi only devices
- Region selection at login
- Bug fixes

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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