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Net Tools (AdS)

Net Tools (AdS)

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Net Tools (AdS) Net Tools (AdS) Net Tools (AdS) Net Tools (AdS) Net Tools (AdS) Net Tools (AdS) Net Tools (AdS)

Net Tools (AdS) 描述

Net Swiss Tools is compilation of network tools with a very simple and efficient user interface.

This release contains ads to help the developpement of the tool kit. If you clic on an ad it will disable ads for the current session.

If you want a version version without ads please take a look at the paid version.

With the menu button you can :

* Export result

* Save/Load/Delete your testing parameters

* Lock screen rotation(Landscape/Portrait)

* Quit

At this time it supports :

* App 2 SD

* ARP cache

* DNS (a the moment Simple Host Name to IP and reverse)

* Netcfg

* Netstat

* Network discovery

* Ping (system ping)

* Ping Sweep (based on system ping)

* PS dump(Process Information)

* Route print (with address decoding in option)

* Trace route (special implementation because MTR and classic is not possible on non rooted phone)

* TCP Port Tester (with fast port selection)

* TCP Port scanner(with fast port selection)

The scan is cancelable with back button

Configurable timeout

* UDP Flood

* WHOIS request (with the possibility to choose the whois server), Recursive 5 deep max

* WOL, Wake on LAN

In the future it will support :

* TCP test Server (maybe Netcat like)

* Network properties

* Port live view scan

* Network scan

* More configurable things for existing tool

And maybe any of your suggestion

kw : net, net tool, network tool,networks tools


Net Tools (AdS) 更新内容


* Small fix for ping sweep

* new version without Ads available on the market







Net Tools (AdS) 历史版本

Net Tools (AdS) 使用技巧

Net Tools (AdS) 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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