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Todo + Notes Lite (Free)

Todo + Notes Lite (Free)

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Todo + Notes Lite (Free) 截图

Todo + Notes Lite (Free) Todo + Notes Lite (Free) Todo + Notes Lite (Free) Todo + Notes Lite (Free) Todo + Notes Lite (Free) Todo + Notes Lite (Free) Todo + Notes Lite (Free) Todo + Notes Lite (Free)

Todo + Notes Lite (Free) 描述

Todo + Notes Lite App (Free w/ Ads) is a simple yet powerful tasks (todo) and notes manager that will help you get things done and increase your productivity. If you are the person with overwhelming number of things todo then this is the app for you. It will help you organize your thoughts, ideas, things and tasks into actionable items that can be done in a timely, complete and systematic way so you can get on top of them instead of feeling buried.
Todo + Notes Features:
* Create tasks with 7 task types: Contact(all actions) Call, Visit Location, Email, SMS, Visit Website and Checklist
* New Task action called 'Contact' that will allow you to just select the contact for a task without assigning a task action (AVAILABLE ONLY ON PRO VERSION)
* When you are performing the contact task then you can choose which action to perform on that contact (AVAILABLE ONLY ON PRO VERSION)
* Perform task types like Call, Visit Location, Visit website, Email and SMS, all from within the application.
* Attach your phone contacts to each task for any of the 6 task types.
* Unique icons for each task type
* Create repeating or recurring todos
* Set category, priority and status for each task
* Bulk delete completed and overdue tasks
* Reschedule overdue tasks in bulk to a later date
* Sort todos by Due date, Priority, Category and Status.
* Apply ‘Focus Filter’ to see the most important tasks that need your attention
* Set task reminder/alarms
* Snooze alarms from within the notification
* Set Insistent or Continuous Alarm (AVAILABLE ONLY ON PRO VERSION)
* Close or complete todo from within the notification
* Search Tasks/Todos
* Monthly Calendar view of tasks: View and modify todos for each day on the calendar.
* Create shortcut for each Checklist for single click access from home screen.
* Create Task Widgets (4×2) with full filtering capability
* Backup to SD card
* Restore from SD card
* Organize notes in folders
* Create tasks/todos for the notes
* Create Photo Notes with ability to add caption to each photo(AVAILABLE ONLY ON PRO VERSION)
* Create Notes from other applications using SHARE feature
* Passcode protection for folders
* Create shortcut for each note for single click access from home screen.
* Search notes
* Email and SMS notes
* Share notes via Email, SMS, Twitter and others
* Backup notes to SD card
* Restore notes from SD card
藤+注精简版应用程序(免费W /广告)是一个简单但功能强大的任务(待办事项)和笔记经理,这将帮助你把事情做好,提高您的工作效率。如果你是与人的东西绝大多数待办事项那么这就是你的应用程序。这将帮助你组织你的思想,观念,事物和任务分解成可以及时,完整和系统的方式进行,所以你可以在它们上面得到埋藏的感觉,而不是可操作的项目。
* 7的任务类型创建任务:联系(所有动作)呼叫,访问地址,电子邮件,短信,访问网站和检查清单

Todo + Notes Lite (Free) 更新内容

* Share: Create notes from other applications using share
* Updated widget to show more Task name
* Removed the need for Call permission
* Bug fixes

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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