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Double Bonus Poker (10/7)

Double Bonus Poker (10/7)

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Double Bonus Poker (10/7) 截图

Double Bonus Poker (10/7) Double Bonus Poker (10/7) Double Bonus Poker (10/7) Double Bonus Poker (10/7) Double Bonus Poker (10/7) Double Bonus Poker (10/7)

Double Bonus Poker (10/7) 描述

Double Bonus Poker(10/7) is an extremely fun and addictive video poker casino game based on five-card draw poker. The objective is to get the best paying winning hand shown in the paytable.You can bet up to a maximum of 50 credits. Bets can be placed only before dealing the cards.
Double Bonus Poker(10/7) is the most popular and entertaining card game which gives users the greatest video poker experience possible. It features simple, quick animations, auto card hold, leaderboard, subtle sounds, different themes, multiple card back options, and an intuitive interface for an unmatched video poker experience.
* Realistic sounds
* Attractive and intuitive interface with good card animation
* Extra themes and card backs
* Auto-Hold : If auto hold is turned on, winning combination of cards are automatically held up after a deal. You can un-hold these cards by touching them. Ace can be considered high or low.
* Double Up : you can play Double Up when you win a hand. The objective is to draw a card of higher value than the Dealer's. If you draw a card of higher value, the win amount is doubled and you can choose to double again, or collect your winnings. If the card is of equal value to the Dealer's, it is a tie. Your original payout will not be doubled. You can continue doubling until you draw a card of lesser or equal value than the Dealer's and lose the hand, or until you choose to opt out.
* Leader Board : Your highest score is uploaded to Google play leaderboard. You can view your rank at global level, by week, by day & all time.
* SD card support (supported only on Android OS 2.2 and above)
* Portrait
Contact us on sbmmobileapps@gmail.com for feedback, suggestions and feature requests.
*支持SD卡(仅适用于Android OS 2.2及以上版本支持)

Double Bonus Poker (10/7) 更新内容

* Removed interstitial ads

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休闲时间 扑克棋牌
Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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