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Download LaMusica to experience music at another level! La Musica is a free digital radio streaming service with over 23 million songs, unlike anything you have ever seen before! LaMusica was built for Latinos, by Latinos. This first release of LaMusica, available in both Spanish & English, includes the following features:
• Live stream the most listened to Latin radio stations in the US and Puerto Rico, including La Mega in NYC, El Zol in Miami, La Raza in LA and La Mega in PR among others.
• Set the soundtrack to your life and choose from over 100-curated playlists based on distinct Latin and other genres, your mood and activities, such as workout, cooking, or family Sunday playlists. Additionally, you can select from any of our expertly curated playlists by top DJs and music influencers.
• Create your own radio stations with over 23 million songs, based on your favorite artist, song, or genre.
• LaMusica gives you control of your radio experience. We know you are not easily satisfied with just a single genre playlist. So we've created My Radio, a tool you can use to select up to 5 music genres and control how much of each genre you want in your personalized radio.
• Don’t just listen to radio; immerse yourself in a full visual experience while you listen to your favorite artists and songs. You’ll enjoy an endless visual stream of your favorite artists as the music plays and gets your blood flowing. It’s unlike anything you have ever seen before!
• Share your favorite stations or playlists with your friends across multiple social networks.
• Keep your most listened to stations organized for quick access by following your favorite playlists, stations, or DJs.
• Sign up to our mailing list to receive information about the artist and events that you most love.
下载LaMusica体验音乐在另一个层面! La Musica酒店是一个免费的数字广播流媒体服务,超过23万首歌曲,完全不同于你曾经见过的! LaMusica是专为拉美裔,拉丁裔所。 LaMusica,在西班牙语和英语提供的这第一个版本,包含以下功能:

Lamusica 更新内容

What’s New:
· Share links directly to your favorite playlists and radio stations.
· Share across all social networks and all 1 to 1 messaging apps installed on your phone
· Several fixes under the hood.

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影音播放 音乐
Android 4.3.x 以上



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