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School Schedule School Schedule School Schedule School Schedule School Schedule

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School Schedule is simple, yet powerful personal school assistant.

Have you ever wondered what's your next lesson? Did you forget to mute your phone while in class? Did you miss important phone call, because your phone was still muted after lessons? We have a solution!

*** Phone muting/unmuting ***
Our application will help you remember your timetable, and will automatically mute/unmute your phone according to the settings. It's even possible to make it mute your phone few minutes before lesson and unmute it few minutes after. You don't have to worry about anything anymore - we'll take care for you!

*** Notifications ***
What is more, thanks to notifications system you can easily check when your current lesson ends, and what's your next lesson if it's break already. Just drag down your status bar to access it quickly.

*** Multiple schedules ***
You can create as many schedules as you want and switch between them easily. Do you have a two week rotation system? Do you want to remember schedules of your children? No problem, you can set it up easily.

*** Smart editing ***
Have you ever been annoyed having to write all the lessons one by one? So we were. Luckily, we've found a solution. Lesson editing has been heavily improved - our application will suggest you subjects, teacher names and classrooms as you type. All you have to do is write first few letters and select appropriate entry from the list. Editing your schedule never been easier.

*** Lesson time prediction ***
We find it weird to force people to enter lesson start/end time or limit them to preconfigured lesson hours. What's the point in selecting it manually, when such information is already available? School Schedule is able to guess the lesson time easily. It will look for similar day patterns in your schedules and will set up start/end time automatically. All you have to do is to enter lessons in order they appear in your schedule and watch the magic.

*** Further improvement and bug reports ***
Are you missing any feature? Did you find a bug? Contact us, so we can fix it! Posting a comment in Android Market won't help us at all, as we can't contact you back to ask about the details.

Note: In order to edit schedule, you can long-click on any lesson to bring up context menu with additional options.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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