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Medical Charts on the Go and in a Flash!
*** Speech Recognition Now Available for Charts! ***
Espresso Medical Charts allows Medical Doctors to chart, assess and score the health status of their patients in a fast and pragmatic way.
You know best! As a Doctor, you know which tools best suit you. We created a way for you to pick the charts, forms, assessments and scores you need to assess your patients and keep track of them. Instead of purchasing a predefined package filled with *our* choice of charts and assessments, why not build *your* very own blend? We offer you a small set for you to get started! We’ll also be having specials from time to time!
First of all, you must download this app - you will need it to play with your brand new set of medical charts. Then, just go to our ESPRESSO MEDICAL CHARTS STORE on our App or on our website. Browse, search, explore at will! See which flavours are available, combine them all in your own unique blend of choice in the comfort of your Espresso Clinical Charts account.
So, how do I assess/exam/score, Espresso-style?
Just follow these three steps and you're good to go.
1. Select assessment!
2. Fill assessment!
3. Save/calculate assessment!
But where can I use my Espresso?
- On your private practice...
- On house calls...
- On your hospital rounds...
- At home, when reviewing cases...
Everywhere, really! Espresso runs on mobile devices - go out and explore!
NOTICE: Espresso Medical Charts requires permission to access your device's contact list in order to associate Patient profiles with your contacts. This is an optional feature.
What are the features offered by Espresso Medical Charts?
In the palm of your hand:
- Espresso Medical Charts is designed to work on Android phones and tablets. This way, you can carry it with you everywhere you go, record what you need and don't miss any piece of relevant information from your patients.
One-handed clinical documentation
- Spend the least amount of time entering clinical data, nevertheless maintaining information quality. Espresso Clinical Assessments enables you (the Medical Doctor) to fill clinical patient data only with one hand.
Only 3 taps away from functionality
- You are always very busy and in the process of saving lives. Bearing that in mind, we made it possible for you to never spend more than 3 taps away from recording important patient data.
Large library of clinical evaluations, assessments and scores (charts)
- The knowledge and the toolset required to a Physician (Medical Doctor) is overwhelming. We create and provide a wide range of documentation in every clinical specialty - you just have to select which are relevant for you and use at your discretion.
Review patients previous assessments with visual highlighting for changes
- Espresso Clinical Assessment has been designed to facilitate the revision process in the best of ways: we do the hard work, you get the relevant conclusions. Meaning, we check for all differences on past clinical evaluations, assessments and scores, and then hand over to you an historical change profile with the modifications clearly pointed out.
Associate patients with Contacts
- Espresso allows you to associate your patients with your contacts on the phone - and does so seamlessly and totally nifty. Oh, and if you need to call or e-mail you can do so with great ease, straight from Espresso.
Export your data
- The clinical information that you create on your day-to-day practice belongs to you, not to your device. Espresso knows that and is already prepared to export and send the data over the web under the form of comprehensive reports, away from the tiny clutches of your tablet or smarthphone.
Integration available with third-party systems (HL7 v3 compliant).
Espresso Medical Charts is a member of the Espresso Clinical Assessments suite.
** Limited to 99 patients for non-Espresso MD users. **
To know more please visit http://www.espressomd.com
***语音识别现在可图! ***
首先,你必须下载此应用程式 - 一起玩的一组全新的病历,你会需要它的。然后,就到我们的ESPRESSO病历商店在我们的应用程序,或在我们的网站上。浏览,搜索,探索的意志!口味的,把它们在自己的独特的选择在舒适的咖啡临床图表帐户。
- 在您的私人执业...
- 在房子通话...
- 在医院轮的...
- 在家里,在审查案件时...
无处不在的,真的!咖啡在移动设备上运行 - 走出去,探索!
- 咖啡病历在Android手机和平板电脑的设计工作。通过这种方式,你可以与你随身携带,无论你走到哪里,记录下你所需要的,不要错过任何相关的信息从你的病人。
- 花最少的时间进入临床数据,但保持信息的质量。咖啡临床评估,使您(医生)只用一只手来填补病人的临床数据。
- 你总是很忙碌,在抢救生命的过程中。考虑到这一点,我们可以为你从来没有花超过3个抽头记录重要的病人的数据。
- 医师(医生)需要的知识和工具集是压倒性的。我们创造和提供了一个广泛的文件在每一个临床专科 - 你只需要选择相关的使用由您自己决定。
- 咖啡临床评估,旨在方便的修改过程中最好的方法:我们做艰苦的工作,你会得到相关的结论。意义,我们要检查所有的差异在过去的临床评价,评估和分数,然后移交给你一个历史性的变化修改配置文件中明确指出。
- 咖啡与您的联系人在手机上,让你联想到你的病人 - 也确实如此无缝的和完全漂亮的。哦,如果您需要致电或e-mail,你可以这样做非常方便,直接从咖啡。
- 上创建的日常实践的临床资料属于你的,不是你的设备。咖啡都知道,并且已经准备好出口和发送的数据在网络上的综合报告的形式下,从微小的离合器平板电脑或smarthphone。
集成与第三方系统(HL7 V3标准)。
**有限公司非咖啡MD用户的99例患者。 *

Espresso MD Lite 更新内容

Minor Bug Fixes
Improved reporting

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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