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SD 3D Viewer lite

SD 3D Viewer lite

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SD 3D Viewer lite SD 3D Viewer lite SD 3D Viewer lite SD 3D Viewer lite

SD 3D Viewer lite 描述

Application to view 3D models on your mobile

"SD 3D Viewer lite" is a modified version of "Shader Devel and 3D Viewer" removing all shader editing and related features becoming a 3D viewer software.

- Fixed pipeline rendering (OpenGL ES 1.0 or better).
- Wavefront obj format importer (non triangle meshes are automatically triangulated). It is hardly recommended to have the normal information in the obj files as it is not automatically calculated.
- Scene management: Perspective/Orthogonal projection, autorotate camera, backface culling and clear color.
- Lighting management: enabled/disabled, position, ambient, diffuse and specular up to four lights.
- Material management: ambient, diffuse, specular, emission and up to six textures.
- The user can hide the tools panel to get a bigger (and more confortable) render of the model.
- The model is centered in the scene.
- Generates an association to obj files to be able to open them directly from an e-amil attachment or a file browser (using the mimetype "application/x-tgif").

"SD 3D Viewer" searches for data in the following paths of your external storage:
- /ShaderDevel/objects -> 3D models with "obj" extension.
- /ShaderDevel/textures -> image files to use as texture.

This application requests the following permissions:
- External storage access for reading data and writing the shaders developed within.
- Internet access to download the ads. If you like this software, please consider clicking on the ads to support it.

This software has been tested on Toshiba folio 100, Samsung Galaxy S and HTC tattoo with CyanogenMod 7 (ginger based).

If you have any problem loading your obj model in the application, don't hesitate sending me an e-mail with you obj file attached to be able to debug it. Also feel free to send me any question, request or wishlist about this application to my e-mail.

KEYWORDS: 3D model, model viewer, 3D viewer, viewer, openGL, openGL ES, GLSL. wavefront obj, obj file, obj model, wavefront obj model, obj renderer, obj file reader, obj file viewer

SD 3D Viewer lite 更新内容


- Solved an obj parser bug (files using comma instead of dots where not correctly parsed). Thanks to everyone who reported this problem

- solved some minor "force close" bugs when loading modelos

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生活休闲 优化
Android 1.6.0 以上

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