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U.S. Landlord Tenant Laws

U.S. Landlord Tenant Laws

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U.S. Landlord Tenant Laws 截图

U.S. Landlord Tenant Laws U.S. Landlord Tenant Laws U.S. Landlord Tenant Laws U.S. Landlord Tenant Laws

U.S. Landlord Tenant Laws 描述

Quickly find your state’s specific law on 9 categories of its Security Deposit Law Statutes (more to come). Don’t search through statutes or other web sites. Find it with one click and one or two swipes.
In this first series you can quickly find out, your state specific law on security deposits;
• Maximum security deposit amount that can be charged,
• Any mandatory new move-in inspections,
• Must deposit be kept in separate bank account,
• Number of days deposit must be returned,
• What deductions can be made to deposit,
• Any written accounting required,
• Whether interest must be paid,
• State Statutes, and
• State sponsored consumer publications
The Landlord.com Advantage
Now in its 12th year, the legal staff at Landlord.com has developed for the Android Marketplace, the “Guide To U.S. Landlord & Tenant Laws” good for all 50 states.
• Researched and developed by Experienced Landlord Attorneys
• Put the law on your side by quickly finding your state specific Landlord/Tenant laws
• GPS enabled default your state
• Search by state listing on all 50 states
• Quickly share a copy of applicable law to your tenant, landlord, friend or fellow landlord or anyone else by text, email, etc.
• Update the data with one click, so you stay up to date
• Upcoming new Landlord/Tenant Law categories;
o Entry into Premises
o Habitability
o Eviction
o Repairs & Habitability
o Rent Control & Increases
o Abandonment
o Retaliation
o Dangerous Animals
o Dog Bite Liability
o Parental Responsibility Statutes
o State Statutes
o State Courts and Guides

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