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Seagate GoFlex Media™

Seagate GoFlex Media™

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Seagate GoFlex Media™ Seagate GoFlex Media™ Seagate GoFlex Media™ Seagate GoFlex Media™

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Take your media library with you. Stream it to your tablet or smart phone. The GoFlex Media™ app allows you to access all the photos, videos, music and documents stored on your GoFlex Satellite™ mobile wireless storage device. Simply choose the “GoFlex Satellite” network from your Android® phone or table's Wi-Fi settings and launch the app to navigate through the folders stored on the device or tap on “Videos”, “Music”, “Photos” or “Documents” to easily see a filtered view of your content. Tap on a video and it will begin playing almost instantly with all the familiar Android® playback controls. Videos and other media can be streamed from the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage device or downloaded for future use. App requires a GoFlex Satellite™ mobile wireless storage device to access media files.
•Access your media library stored on the GoFlex Media mobile wireless storage device wherever you are – no Internet required.•Stream HD videos and begin playback almost instantly.
•Enjoy your music collection, photo albums, and documents too. GoFlex Media allows you to take it all with you.
•Automatically organizes all your digital media into videos, photos, music, and document folders

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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