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Seagate Media™ app

Seagate Media™ app

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Seagate Media™ app Seagate Media™ app Seagate Media™ app Seagate Media™ app Seagate Media™ app Seagate Media™ app

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The Seagate Media app gives you access to all the photos, videos, music, and documents stored on your compatible Seagate storage devices. Quickly and easily browse your media library with classic file/folder view, thumbnails or a range of filters.
• Access your media library stored on a Seagate Wireless device, no Internet needed
• Access content stored on your Seagate Personal Cloud device from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. Be sure to enter your username and password in the “Remote Access" tab when outside of your home network.
• Stream media to Chromecast, Android TV*, Amazon Fire TV*, LG Smart TV, Xbox One, Sonos, Roku, and most DLNA devices
*Make sure to install our new Seagate Media Receiver app to your Android TV or Amazon Fire TV so that you can browse content from this Seagate Media app and then cast it to your TV
• Automatically back up pictures and videos from your mobile device
• Support for third-party media players allows you to stream videos with other media apps installed on your device
• Synchronize your files on Dropbox and/or Google Drive (requires an Internet connection, only available on Wireless/Plus devices)
• Control your music from Android Wear devices for conveniently changing tracks on-the-go
The following devices are support by this app:
•Seagate Wireless
•Seagate Wireless Plus
•Seagate Personal Cloud
•Seagate GoFlex Satellite
•Seagate Central
•访问的内容存储在希捷个人云设备上随时随地你有一个Wi-Fi或3G / 4G连接。一定要在“远程访问”选项卡您的家庭网络,当外界输入您的用户名和密码。
•同步于Dropbox的和/或谷歌驱动器文件(需要互联网连接,仅适用于无线/ Plus器件)
•从Android Wear设备控制你的音乐在这去方便地改变轨道

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系统工具 视频
Android 4.0 以上

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