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Phone Overheat Alert

Phone Overheat Alert

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Phone Overheat Alert Phone Overheat Alert Phone Overheat Alert Phone Overheat Alert

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Your phone feels really hot at times, doesn't it? Whether you're running 5 apps, playing music while browsing the net, laying under the sun or finishing up your 2 hour run, your phone is building up heat. With the FREE Phone Overheat Alert App for Android you'll receive that crucial alert to “shut down” before you do any significant damage.  
The FREE Phone Overheat Alert App for Android will give you the peace of mind that your phone is not being damaged due to overheating. It monitors the temperature of your device & alerts you when it's time to give you phone a little break. Get it now for free!
Common issues resolved:
“My phone feels like it’s 100 degrees after my run. Did my body heat make it this hot? How do I tell it’s temperature?”
“Running too many apps and my phone was fire hot. Made performance slow where I couldn't even dial a number. Wish I had known when to turn some stuff off before the phone crapped out completely.”    
“Was tanning under the sun and kept hiding my phone under the towel since it was so hot to the touch. I wish it would just send me an alert to turn it off if it knows I’m damaging it. I had a full battery...that wasn’t my issue. I just didn’t want to fry my phone!”
“I was bored in summer school class and tethered my Droid with my netbook, I noticed I got an alert that my temp was around 65C, but at the time it was working fine, and now 4 hours +/- later the phone has become very slow and unresponsive. What a great day. Have I killed my Droid? “
Get the FREE Phone Overheat Alert for Android now!

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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