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WT411 Celebrity Gossip

WT411 Celebrity Gossip

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WT411 Celebrity Gossip WT411 Celebrity Gossip WT411 Celebrity Gossip WT411 Celebrity Gossip

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A new celebrity gossip blog is sweeping Hollywood for the hottest, the wildest and the trashiest news on the wire. Connecting you with stories from the rich and the heinous, blogger Nikki delivers stories from the entertainment and music industries and brings them to you straight!
Use WT411 to catch up on gossip, new music, movie trailers, reality sh*t shows, awardceremonies, fashion and so much more. Right in the palm of your hand, you'll get the haps on Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, the cast of "Glee" and SO many more.
Our app isn't only delivering up-to-date Hollywood trash talk, but is helping you to show-off your celebrity lifestyle to friends and the web.
--Spy a celeb chowing down on a chocolate shake and cheeseburger at a local café? Snap it with the WT411 Paparazzi cam, share it with blogger Nikki and she'll feature your pic on the website and/or WT411 Facebook!
--Do your hot threads got you feeling like a superstar? Take a pic of your bad@$$ self and let us show off your smokin' style on the web! WT411 is a place for fans, friends and fellow smack talkers to meet-up and deliver their opinions and feel like a million bucks!
The WT411 paparazzi cam is your way to show off what you're up to, celebs you spy and just how you're looking fly. Get it!

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