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Aircraft VOR Free

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Aircraft VOR Free Aircraft VOR Free Aircraft VOR Free Aircraft VOR Free Aircraft VOR Free

Aircraft VOR Free 描述

Aircraft VOR provides you with a GPS based aircraft VOR instrument shown as a typical Bendix/King KI-208A instrument.

It lets you 'tune' aircraft navigation Very High Frequency Omni-direction range (VOR) beacons via a worldwide database and allows you to select and track a VOR radial to or from the VOR station.
It also optionally shows you your cross-track deviation in metres.

- Bendix/King KI-208A face
- Worldwide VOR navigation database (downloaded on first use)
- Digital CRS and distance to station indications
- Option to display cross-track error
- Filtered and smoothed display - no jitter or jumping!
- Support for portrait and landscape screens
- Support for multiple screen resolutions

This is the free version of the app. It is supported by ads and has a five minute time limit. Upgrading to the paid version removes both of these restrictions.


IMPORTANT POINT 1 - Please ensure you have an active data connection when starting the app for the first time as it will attempt to download the radio navigation database.

Don't use it until you know its working!
Until a GPS fix is obtained, or in case of GPS fix being lost, the VOR on/off indicator will be shown and the distance to station will show ----

Tuning a station
Use the app menu to select 'Tune NAV'. You will be presented with all the VOR stations within 200 nautical miles of your current location. Selecting a VOR will tune it up. Hit your devices 'Back' button when you have selected your desired VOR.

Finding out which radial you currently on
The first thing to remember when trying to find out which radial you are on is that all radials are from the station. The indicator is able to show you which direction to track to the station but this is not directly which radial you are on (it's 180 degrees out). To centre the needle and find the radial you are currently on, rotate the instruments compass card until
the needle centres with a FROM indication.

Finding out your current bearing to the station
Sometimes it is necessary to obtain your current bearing to station. To obtain the bearing from your current position to the station, rotate the instruments compass card until the needle is centred and the TO flag is showing.

Flying a specific radial
Sometimes it is necessary to fly along a specific radial to/from the station. In this case, first select the radial you wish to fly by rotating the instruments compass card to that radial, ensuring the TO/FROM flag is in the correct sense. The VOR needle will then indicate to you which direction you need to move in order to intercept your desired radial. If the needle is to the right, fly right. If it is to the left, fly left. Upon approaching your desired radial, the needle will close into the centre. Each dot indicated on the display is 2 degrees, so the needle will start to move when you are within 10 degrees of the desired radial. You should begin to turn onto a desired course, which matches your radial so that your aircraft heading matches the desired radial when the needle is centred. You will need to compensate for wind appropriately.

Displaying X-Track deviation
You can display you current cross-track error in metres by toggling the menu option. This will show you the number of metres left or right of track when you close to less than 1km of your desired radial

For further information check out http://www.wikihow.com/Navigate-Using-a-VOR

If you like this app, please try my other aircraft/flying related apps!
I'm a professional software engineer, part-time android developer and passionate private pilot so would love to hear your thoughts, feature requests and bug reports

Aircraft VOR Free 更新内容


- Fix for to/from flag not displaying on the free version of this app.


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Android 2.2.x 以上

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