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Puppy Live Wallpaper 2下载

Puppy Live Wallpaper 2

Puppy Live Wallpaper 2

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Puppy Live Wallpaper 2 Puppy Live Wallpaper 2 Puppy Live Wallpaper 2 Puppy Live Wallpaper 2

Puppy Live Wallpaper 2 描述

Hey there animal lovers! Check out this adorable puppy live wallpaper that will make anyone go “Aww”! This live wallpaper isn’t just to look at though; it’s an interactive and fun little game at the same time! Try to pop the little roses and bowties falling on the cute puppy and see how many you can pop in a row! It’s not as easy as you’d think! Post your high scores in the comments sections!

This live wallpaper uses little to no battery because it’s so small in size! Just download it, install it, and then go to your Menu, click Wallpapers, click Live Wallpapers, find Puppy Live Wallpaper in the list and select it! That’s all :).

Follow us on Twitter @SrsBizGroup because we’ll be announcing new free live wallpapers every week!
Check out our Donation Version of this wallpaper by searching “Puppy Donation Wallpaper 2” if you like this wallpaper and want a little extra feature ;).

Email us, follow us, tweet at us, rate, or comment if you’d like us to change anything! We appreciate all feedback because it helps us make better wallpapers!

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Android 2.1.0 以上
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