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Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying

Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying

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Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying 截图

Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying

Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying 描述

The Unofficial Triple J Now Playing App.
Find out what is playing on Triple J right now and save a list of favourite tracks for future reference. This is a very light weight app which utilizes the ABC XML data feeds.
If you have any questions about this app I'm always happy to work with you to get what you want! Please shoot me an email if something isn't working as expected or if you have a cool idea for something else to add.
- Artist and Title of the track “Now Playing” and “Previously Played”
- Program Info about the current Triple J Host (Eastern States Only)
- Simple “Add to Favourites” system
- Sharing of Favourites using the standard Android sharing tools
- Track History for digging up something played a little while ago
- Home screen widget for quick access
- Control over update frequency to balance functionality with data and battery
Recently Triple J contacted me requesting that change the name of the app and remove all official TripleJ logos and images. This includes the drums logo and the presenter images. So it still works as before but it's just a little bland now :(
**IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that the Time Zone on your device is correct. The app depends on the correct time zone for your location. 99% of the time most people's time zone is automatically chosen by their network carrier but if you're experiencing problems with track accuracy then please check this setting on your device first before giving the app a 1 star rating.
**IMPORTANT NOTE: This app relies on the Triple J studio Feeds. Depending on the location of the broadcast studio, some Triple J hosts do not (or can not) update what is playing. This generally lasts until the next host takes over the next radio program in a different studio. (you'll be happy to know that this applies to the official Triple J iPhone app as well!)
- 轨道的艺术家和标题“正在播放”和“以前玩过”
- 节目信息有关当前三倍J主机(东方国家只有)
- 简单的“添加至收藏夹”系统
- 使用标准的Andr​​oid共享工具收藏夹的共享
- 跟踪历史的挖东西前一阵打了
- 主屏幕小部件,以便快速访问
- 控制更新的频率与数据和电池平衡功能
**重要提示:请确保您的设备上的时区是正确的。该应用程序依赖于您所在位置的正确的时区。 99%的大多数人的时区由他们的网络运营商自动选择,但是如果你遇到问题的轨道精度,那么请首先给应用程序一个1星级之前,请检查您的设备上此设置的时间。
**重要提示:这个应用程序依赖于三倍J工作室供稿。根据演播室的位置,有的三倍J主机不(或不能)更新耍什么。这通常持续到下一个主机接管下一个电台节目在不同的工作室。 (你会很高兴知道,这适用于官方的三倍J的iPhone应用程序,以及!)

Unofficial Triple J NowPlaying 更新内容

Seems that Triple J are playing with their XML Feeds again.
Fixed a bug with the "On Air" XML feed. The colour in the background that used to change with the presenter is no longer delivered by Triple J. So now it's just boring old Triple J Red.
There may be a few more updates in the coming days / weeks depending on how hard the devs over at the ABC decide to make it for me!!

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影音播放 收音机
Android 2.2.x 以上

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