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Intended for current HomeAdvisor professional members, the HomeAdvisor Pro app puts the power of HomeAdvisor in the palm of your hand, giving you the interactive tools you need to manage your business from the field. Designed with productivity in mind, HomeAdvisor Pro delivers push notifications so you can easily track and manage your leads; provides 1-tap connectivity so you can quickly call or email prospective clients; and allows you to set lead status, add notes, check your customer ratings score, or quickly contact our HomeAdvisor support team.
- Get notified of new leads
- 1-tap call & email to your prospective customers
- Map driving directions to your appointments
- Manage your lead flow by switching to your busy profile or pause leads for up to 48 hours
- Organize your leads with Active & Closed pipelines / folders
- Store your entire lead history locally on your device
- Search your leads
- View Your Account & Billing info
- Recognize Emergency Leads with a new indicator
- View complete Ratings & Reviews & submit your comments
- Change lead status on multiple leads at one time
- Set a lead status based on your progress
- Add notes to your leads
- View leads as read or unread
- Filter your leads list by status or date range
- Sort your leads list by Last Name or Date
- View your customer ratings score and your most recent reviews
- 获得新的线索通知
- 1抽头电话和电子邮件给你的潜在客户
- 地图行车路线,以您的约会
- 通过切换到你的忙个人资料管理您的铅流或暂停引线长达48小时
- 与Active和关管道/文件夹来组织您的线索
- 储存您的整个历史铅本地设备上的
- 搜寻您的线索
- 查看您的账户和账单信息
- 认识到紧急信息与新的指标
- 查看完整的评定与评论与提交您的意见
- 改变铅对多个引脚在同一时间状态
- 设置根据你的进度领先地位
- 添加注释到您的线索
- 查看领导为已读或未读
- 过滤您的线索列表按状态或日期范围
- 排序您的线索名单按姓氏或日期
- 查看您的客户评级分数和你最近的评论

HomeAdvisor Pro 更新内容

- Updated lead statuses to match the desktop and mobile web sites
- Fixed a bug in the calendar with working hours not reflecting days off
- Various bug fixes

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Android 4.4.4 以上

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