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Hearts Hearts Hearts Hearts

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While the history of hearts goes back to Spanish Reversis game in 1750-ies, the game truly took off after release as a part of Microsoft Windows in 1992. As any other successful game, millions of clones have been created on all possible platforms. So why should you give our version a try? We tried to recreate all the fun of original game in a tiny download package.
Hearts is trick-taking playing card game for 4 players, no teams and no trump suit. The game is also known as The Dirty, Black Lady, Chase the Lady, Crubs, and Black Maria, though any of these may refer to the similar but differently-scored game Black Lady. The game is regarded as a member of the Whist family of trick-taking games (which also includes Bridge and Spades), but the game is unique among Whist variants in that it is an evasion-type game. The object of the game is to avoid taking points. When the first player reaches 100 points, the player with the lowest number of points is the winner.
In hearts each heart card is worth 1 point and the queen of spades is worth 13 points, which is as much as all of the other cards combined.
At the beginning of round, the players choose three cards to pass to a random player. The player with the 2 of clubs must lead the first trick with the 2 of clubs. For each trick a player must follow suit unless he does not have a card of that suit. Because there is no trump, a player can not win a trick if he passes a card of any suit other than the suit lead. Hearts can not be lead until hearts are broken - after the first heart card has been played. If a player takes every point in a round, he “Shoots the Moon” and he receives 0 points for the round while all other players receive 26 points.
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虽然心中的历史可以追溯到在1750年的研究西班牙语Reversis游戏,游戏真正起飞释放后,在1992年作为一个Microsoft Windows的一部分。正如任何其他成功的游戏,数以百万计的克隆已经创建了所有可能的平台上。那么,为什么要你给我们的版本试试呢?我们试图重新创建所有原创游戏的乐趣,在一个很小的下载包。
在一轮的开始,玩家选择三张牌传递到一个随机的球员。俱乐部的球员必然导致俱乐部的第一招。对于每招一名球员必须跟风,除非他没有那件衣服的卡。因为没有王牌,玩家不能胜有招,如果他通过卡西装铅以外的任何诉讼。心不能领先,直到心已经破碎 - 第一心卡后已经发挥。如果一个球员需要在一个圆形的每一个点,他“拍摄的月球”,他接到为圆形,而所有其他球员得到26分0分。

Hearts 更新内容

Increased margin between ads and a player
Fixed problem with throwing heart/queen of spades on first trick
Fixed problem with selecting more then 3 cards for transfer
Completely redesigned to improve the performance.

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