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Solitaire Pack

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Solitaire Pack Solitaire Pack Solitaire Pack Solitaire Pack Solitaire Pack

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Back in 1990s inclusion of Solitaire (Klondike) and Minesweeper in Windows has resulted in billions of hours of lost productivity over the years. Starting with Windows 98 other version of solitaire joined the suit - FreeCell, Spider, Tri-Peaks and Pyramid. As a part of the standard Windows installation those games have been popularized around the world. For each of those games millions of clones have been created on all possible platforms. So why should you give our version a try? We combined all six games (Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Tri-Peaks and two flavors of Pyramid) in a tiny download package. The fun of original games is preserved but some improvement are made to make it easier to play on the small factor devices. In particular, you don't have to drag individual cards - drag&drop whole column, only proper cards will move the rest will snap back. The scoring all the games is simplified to track only number of moves to solve the puzzle. If you stuck, feel free to use hints or undo - implemented by all the games. Use menu (top-tight corner) to change the game type, difficulty, check score, help or to start a new game. Don't forget to check our Game section for other fun games... 早在20世纪90年代列入接龙(克朗代克)和Windows中的扫雷导致多年来在数十亿小时的生产力损失。从Windows 98的其他版本的纸牌加入西装 - 接龙,蜘蛛,三峰和金字塔。作为一个标准的Windows安装这些游戏已经在世界各地推广。对于这些游戏以百万计的克隆已经创建了所有可能的平台上。那么,为什么要你给我们的版本试试呢?我们结合在一个很小的下载包中的全部六场比赛(克朗代克,蜘蛛,空当接龙,三峰和两种风格的金字塔)。 保留原游戏的乐趣,但一些改进,使其更容易打小的因素设备。特别是,您不必将单个卡 - 拖放整列,唯一正确的卡是会移动的其余部分将弹回。所有的游戏得分简化,仅跟踪的动作来解决这一难题。如果你坚持,可以自由使用提示或撤消 - 所有的游戏实施。使用菜单(顶部狈)改变游戏类型,难度,检查得分,帮助或开始一个新的游戏。 其他有趣的游戏,不要忘记检查我们的游戏部分...

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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