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Sex Toys by Adam and Eve

Sex Toys by Adam and Eve

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Sex Toys by Adam and Eve Sex Toys by Adam and Eve Sex Toys by Adam and Eve Sex Toys by Adam and Eve

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The all new sex toys guide by Adam and Eve. Now with Pictures of Sex Toys! This guide has both general descriptions about sex toys, as well as images and description of specific sex toys from Adam and Eve.
Sex toys are becoming more and more mainstream every year. But with so many types and styles of sex toys, it’s hard to decide what products are best for you and your life style. Adam & Eve has created this extensive sex toy guide to help you improve your sexuality and explore new turn ons and live a positive life style.
Whether you’re interested in learning about how certain toys stimulate your erogenous zones or adding new facets to your lovemaking, this sex toy guide will offer you the information you need to make more informed decisions. You will find articles about types of toys, materials, and how they should be used on yourself or your partner. Being better educated about sex toys and their uses will ultimately improve your sexual pleasure and your life.
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Guide inculdes: Dildos, Vibrarators, Rings, Nipple Toys, Rear End Toys
Some example material : Dildos and Dongs are so similar that the terms are practically interchangeable. However, true sex toy connoisseurs know that dildos are the more realistic of the two - often looking like a male genital complete to the base shaped like a pair of balls.
Joystick Rings: joystick rings slip around the base of a semi-flaccid male organ "trapping" blood creating a stronger and harder erection. Some rings have strap that wraps around the testicles while others may have a bullet vibrator for additional stimulation.
There are a multitude of nipple stimulators. Great for boobs, tits, jugs, whatever term you use. If you're new to this stimulation and nervous about the advanced toys, there are gels made with mint or menthol that not only yield a tingly sensation, but will keep those nips standing at attention as long as you please and usually taste good to boot. These creams and gels can increase the sensitivity of your nipple, making it even easier for you or your lover to make you shiver with delight. Orgasm after orgasm.

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