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EquityYO Stock & Fund Database

EquityYO Stock & Fund Database

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EquityYO Stock & Fund Database EquityYO Stock & Fund Database EquityYO Stock & Fund Database

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Do your stocks stink? Are your mutual funds garbage? Do you feel like giving up, selling everything and becoming a mime? Never fear...EquityYO! is here. This new Android app allows you to analyze over 30,000 stocks, closed-end funds, mutual (open-end/traditional) funds and exchange traded funds to find just the right equities to add to your portfolio! With the ability to subset data based on everything from Average 3-Month Volume to Yield (and everything in between), EquityYO! also allows you to sort the data in an order that gets your statistical analysis juices flowing all with the data stored locally on your Android device. So, before selling everything, check out this app...because the world just doesn't need another mime.EquityYO! is my very FIRST Android app, so please excuse the occasional crash, the strange blue and white "frozen tundra" color scheme, the lack of functionality, the strange statistics, etc. Not quite convinced that this app is useful? Please peruse our user's guide (PDF) at http://www.sheepsqueezers.com/joomla/media/documents/equityyousersguide.pdf. Note that this user's guide is installed with the app as well.In the interest of full disclosure, the data contained within the on-board SQLite database is not my own and I make no claims to it. Using the R Statistical Software and a lot of frustrating programming constructs (i.e., regular expressions), I was able to screen-scrape data from several websites including, but not limited to, Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, CEFConnect, and so on. Because I do not own this data, no attempt whatsoever has been made to monetize this app (it's free to download from the Google Play Store) and no attempt will be made so in the future. I was just personally interested in learning Android programming and was, at the same time, in the process of ditching-and-replacing one of my mutual funds. Attempts to find a suitable replacement was difficult with the websites and Android apps as they currently stand prompting me to start pulling data from all over the place in a blind panic. Note that, unless there is an outcry from the equityYO! users, I will not update the data (currently historical data from 2012 only) contained in the on-board database. If I do decided to update the database, I will have to find a way to purchase the relevant data so that equityYO! is on the up-and-up. If you have a problem with the fact that I screen-scraped the data, please e-mail me at equityyo@sheepsqueezers.com and I will take the app down from the Google Play Store.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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