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SnapToMe 描述

Easily send photos from your phone to your email in as few as two taps.
SnapToMe makes photo forwarding simple. All it does is take a picture and send it to a pre-set email address--an easy solution for users new to smartphones, or anyone who wants to streamline the process.
At startup, you will be prompted to enter an email address where your photos will be sent. You can change it later through the settings menu.
After you’ve tried the free SnapToMe, please check out SnapToMe Plus for additional features:
* Email an unlimited number photos at once*
* When without service or Internet connection, store and queue photos to send later
* Configure to use WiFi only
* Barcode Scanner integration
Please note that photos taken using Snap To Me are not normally stored in your phone’s gallery, however this may vary by model.
*The number of photos attached to an email may be limited by your email service. The ability to send emails with many attachments may be inhibited by the bandwidth of your connection or the limitations of your data plan if using your cell service.
If you like the idea of how Snap To Me works but you don't like installing apps that ask for location permission and you don't need to record where you took your photos, please check out MyDumbBoard, STM's sibling app.
Recent update summary:
2.0 (Current)
* Fixed the error message that comes up when you hit Send and the app can't send the photo (probably because you have no cell service). In our latest round of testing, we found the message was often not showing up. This hasn't been reported from the field but we fixed it and the message now shows up dependably if you can't send the picture. (Note that STM's big sister app, SnapToMe Plus, will queue up the email/picture to be sent later if it can't be sent right when you take the picture.)
* Based on user feedback, we’ve moved the buttons to the four corners of the camera. This makes it much easier to use the app in bright sunlight and much harder to hit Discard or Send unintentionally. Thanks to Dave B. for identifying the issue.
* We’ve reformatted the lat/long string in the email to be more search-able. Now you can simply copy-and-paste the lat/long out of the email and into a Search box. Thanks to Bruce T. for pointing out this rather d’oh issue.
* To make processing photos go faster and be more reliable, we’ve removed the EXIF-writing code we added a while back. It was worth trying since it allowed us to correct the photo’s internal date/time for a handful of phones that didn’t set it correctly in the first place but hasn’t been worth the cost in reliability.
* Added progress dialog to be shown after Capture before Send is enabled. Some phones take an appreciable amount of time to process the image after Capture is pressed. This progress dialog will help the user know the app is ready for Send to be pressed.
* Allow the app to be moved to an SD card.
Made exact image width scaling an option, disabled by default. This will fix freezes on slower phones.
SnapToMe使照片转发简单。它所做的就是拍照,并将其发送到一个预先设定的电子邮件地址 - 为用户新的智能手机,或任何人谁​​愿意简化程序一个简单的解决方案。
*修正了过来,当你点击发送和应用程序不能发送照片(可能是因为你没有手机服务)的错误消息。在我们最新一轮的测试中,我们发现消息往往没有显示出来。这还没有被报道的领域,但我们固定它的消息现在显示了可靠,如果你不能发送图片。 (需要注意的是STM的大姐姐的应用程序,SnapToMe另外,将排队的电子邮件/图片稍后发送,如果它不能正确的,当你把照片发送出去。)

SnapToMe 更新内容

* The picture’s file name, date, time, and location are listed in the email and the location is a clickable link to Google Maps.
* The photo is now preserved if the user exits the app before the photos are sent.
* The user interface has been improved with larger, more intuitive buttons.
* The camera now makes a ‘shutter sound’ when a picture is snapped.

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摄影图像 美化 相机
Android 2.2.x 以上



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