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MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free]下载

MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free]

MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free]

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This is a free trial version with

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MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free] MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free] MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free] MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free]

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This is a free trial version with limited functions.Educational coloring application! The fish becomes alive with various colors!A perfect present for kids!The fish you colored becomes alive and starts swimming.Aren’t you tired of ordinary coloring book?Try the Magic Brush.The fish dressed with your choice of color becomes alive and starts swimming.No rubbing the screen to fill out the space.Simple touch of the screen automatically fills out the space with selected color and kids never get tedious.Using an intuitive way, your kids can easily use the tool without help.Using the same shape of fish, you can create whole different looking fish with various colors.Of course, we support various kinds of fish so you can produce unlimited numbers of new fish.It is not the matter of filling out the space neatly. Coloring is a learning skill that teaches to combine the colors harmoniously.MagicBrush helps you to create your own fish by easily changing colors using simple painting tool.You will feel the greatest sense of accomplishment once the fish with your choice of colors becomesalive and starts moving.Ask your kids why they choose the certain colors when they come over to show off their colored fish.There are thousands of surprising and brilliant ideas to come!-- Functions -----------------------● Full support for Landscape / Portrait modeSupport of both Landscape / Portrait mode gives more freedom to use the tool.● Various kinds of fishIt never lets you to get tedious.More kinds of fish to be updated eventually.● Easy one touch coloringWe support simple coloring tool that‘s easily accessible for infants and toddlers.● The Automatic “Magic Brush” toolMagic Brush tool helps little kids having trouble selecting the color.● Aquarium tool for colored fishPretty fish swimming through the aquarium in the cool background gives you an illusion of watching the scene of an animation.Unlike the other animations, you can touch the fish on the screen.● Simple and intuitive toolWithout moving around between pages, every function operated under one main screen. Saves somuch effort!

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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