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You may now access bus timings normally by tapping "Tap for Timings". If failure occurs you can alternatively view it on the website. Thank you for your support, understanding and patience. =)
ShowNearby helps you to find the nearest places of interests such as shopping malls, ATMs, bus stops, car parks, petrol stations, restaurants, and other amenities. From the detail page, you will be able to find more information of that place of interest such as bus arrival timing, movie showtimes and carpark rates. ShowNearby is currently available for Singapore only.
By the way, ShowNearby is and has always been free for download. Thank you for your support and keep your feedback coming! =)
Features of ShowNearby:
* Know what's near from our list of popular categories
* Search capability for places
* Listing of results nearest to you
* Use your current location or you can set manual locations
* In-depth information for particular places including bus arriving timing, movie showtime and carpark rates.
* Add place contact information to your contact list.
* Map and directional guide on Map View
* Manage your categories include adding custom categories
* Bookmark and manage your favourite places and promotions
* Get directions and more~
Tada~! In 2010, ShowNearby has achieved:
- #1 Top Free App in Singapore!
- #1 Top Free App under the Travel Category in Singapore!
- Top 10 Apps in Asia!
- Voted by VR-Zone as the #1 Top Free App in Singapore!
- Voted by Yahoo! Singapore as the Top 10 Most Useful Homegrown Apps in Singapore!
We couldn't have achieved all these without yOu, YoU and YOU out there. A big shout out of heartfelt thank you from the ShowNearby Team!
Quick Tips On How To Use
>> See bus arrival timings
- Tap on the Bus Stop category, tap your bus stop in the listing, scroll down to view bus arrival timing. Don't forget to bookmark your bus stop~
>> Set Your Location
- To manually set location, tap the pin icon on the navigation bar at the top of the home screen.
- Drag the screen to position the cross-hair on your desired location.
- Do a location search if you do not know where the place is on the map.
- Tap "Set Location" button.
>> Add Custom Categories
- At home screen, do a search and you will be able to add this as a custom category by tapping the plus icon on the navigation bar.
Have Feedback?
If you are looking for something nearby and we do not have it, please send us your feedback. This helps a lot!
We sincerely ask for your feedback and requests to evaluate what should be included in the next version. Help us by sending your feedback and requests to feedback@shownearby.com, or simply feedback through our app.
We appreciate all our wonderful users' feedback. Your valuable feedback keep us going and improving ShowNearby and more importantly, serve you better! Do continue to send in all your suggestions, feedback and requests.
Feel free to also visit our blog at http://blog.shownearby.com for updates and some happenings in ShowNearby!
Have a blessed 2011! ^,^
ShowNearby Team
您现在可以正常访问总线时序,通过点击“TAP时序”。如果发生故障,您也可以在网站上。谢谢您的支持,理解和耐心。 =)
ShowNearby帮助您找到最近的地方利益,如商场,自动柜员机(ATM),公交车站,停车场,加油站,餐馆,和其他设施。从细节上,你将能够找到那个地方的利益,如公交车到站时间,电影放映时间和停车场率的更多信息。 ShowNearby目前仅适用于新加坡。
顺便说一句,ShowNearby和,一向免费下载。谢谢您的支持,并保持您的反馈! =)
- #1最高的免费应用程序在新加坡!
- #1最高的免费应用程序根据新加坡旅游类别!
- 亚洲十大应用程序!
- 投票VR区#1最高的免费应用程序在新加坡!
- 投票由雅虎新加坡十大最有用的国产应用在新加坡!
- 点选巴士站类别,点击你的巴士站上市,向下滚动以查看公交车到站的时间。不要忘了书签巴士站〜
- 要手动设置位置,点针在主屏幕的顶部导航栏上的图标。
- 在屏幕上拖动十字准线定位在所需的位置。
- 做一个,如果你不知道在哪里的地方在地图上的位置搜索。
- 点击“设置位置”按钮。
- 在主屏幕上,做一个搜索,你将能够通过点击导航栏上的加号图标添加为自定义类别。
有一个幸福的2011! ^ ^

ShowNearby™ 更新内容

1. Add support for nearby deals from Honeybay.
2. re-design whole APP.
3. Fix problems that some device cannot locate user.

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Android 4.0 以上
Google Play



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