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Siemens Fairs & Events

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Siemens Fairs & Events Siemens Fairs & Events Siemens Fairs & Events Siemens Fairs & Events Siemens Fairs & Events Siemens Fairs & Events

Siemens Fairs & Events 描述

Siemens Fairs & Events is your personal guide to Siemens’ activities at selected events providing fast access to all relevant event information via a new and improved user interface. It makes this application the ideal companion for your visit at every event with Siemens participation.
All available events are listed in an overview screen and can be selected individually for more detailed information. This includes experience-enhancing content such as agendas and conference schedules as well as feature pages on highlight topics such as major exhibits and special guests. Users can add their own annotations, keep track of their preferred events via the bookmarking functionality, and build their own personalized agenda thanks to the app’s own calendar widget.
Whether before, during, or after the event – Fairs & Events gives you the information you need, all in one place.
无论是之前,之中或之后的事件 - 展览及活动为您提供您所需要的信息,在同一个地方。

Siemens Fairs & Events 更新内容

Siemens Fairs & Events has been entirely reworked to provide a refined user experience in alignment with the new company branding. Not only does the app now contain more content related to all fairs relevant for Siemens AG as well as other Siemens events all in one place, it is also easier to use thanks to the improved layout and navigation.
Furthermore, new notes, bookmark and social features have been added for users to keep track of their preferred events and make new contacts more easily.

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Android 4.0 以上
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