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iPharmacy Pill ID  Rx Ref

iPharmacy Pill ID Rx Ref

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wanna know rating, dosage, warnings, contraindication of your medication?# Named as "Best App for Prescription Reference" # 1 Million+ copies downloaded!# Find out customer ratings / comments of your Rx.# Share your comments on medications! # Identify medication of interest by brand name, generic name (ingredient), color/shape/imprint and bar code!#1 Medical App of 2010 of Apple App Store! # "Best iPhone App for Prescription Reference" in the O'Reilly book titled "Best iPhone Apps", (2nd edition) 2010. (http://bit.ly/BestRxRef)/***Tablet users: Please update iPharmacy to the latest version >= 5.1.6 ***/-- An essential, UNBIASED medication guide of 20,000 drugs for consumers & professionals! -- Includes 12,000 pill and package images.-- Recognize 200,000 NDC and UPC barcodes (scan NDC in any pharmacy).-- 2000 Controlled Substances by DEA Scheduling-- Identify more than 10000 drug by imprint, color and shape!--iPharmacy now offers pre-activated electronic prescription discount card sponsored by HonestDiscounts.com! "Best iPhone App for Prescription Reference" in the O'Reilly book titled "Best iPhone Apps", (2nd edition) 2010. (http://bit.ly/BestRxRef) Questions? Email cs@sigmaphone.com for our 1st Class customer support!<<<<<< The Honest Discounts Card <<<<<< No health insurance? No prescription coverage? High copay? ...No problem! ### Show the card and save 10-75%%%% off original price! ### No expiration date ### Share with family, co-workers and everyone Accepted by Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Costco, RiteAid & 60,000+ participating pharmacy <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< -- Featured in Chicago Tribune: "Staying healthy? There's app for that" http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2010-10-27/health/sc-health-1027-iphone--app-20101027_1_apple-app-store-smokers-kick-common-drugs -- Featured in Fort Worth Star-Telegram http://www.star-telegram.com/2010/02/26/2000620/there-is-a-healthy-crop-of-iphone.html -- "#2 Powerful-iPhone-Apps-For-Physicians" by http://www.healthcaretechnologyonline.com ######################################### Drug bar code (National Drug Code) reader with official drug info (indications, dosage, adverse reactions and more) for 10,000+ drugs! The lowest price (FREE) for the most comprehensive content from the most reliable resource. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURES: -- Built-in bar code reader recognizes 200,000 packages and distinguish drugs of the same name -- Detailed drug guide for 20,000+ commonly prescribed drugs -- All drug information is from FDA. -- Include 12,000 common pill and package images-- Recognize 200,000 NDC and UPC bar codes on the medication package inserts!-- Well-formatted easy-to-read non-PDF sections include: ---- Indications & Usage ---- Dosage & administration; ---- Contraindications; ---- Warnings and precautions; ---- Adverse reactions; ---- Drug interactions; ---- Overdosage; ---- How supplied; -- Easy navigation. -- Drugs are listed and search-able by trade names and ingredients. -- Save your drugs of interest to "favorite". -- Notes for your favorite drug -- Copy and paste to other apps (notes, email...). -- Email all info to desired recipients -- Full package insert in PDF format ---- Drug interactions; ---- Clinical pharmacology; and more! Visit us at www.sigmaphone.com and follow us at twitter.com/sigmaphone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are looking forward to adding more drugs (as long as they have been approved by FDA) and more features. Please visit or email to cs@sigmaphone.com for more information. iPharmacy application and its owners are not affiliated with FDA. All information presented by the application is for educational purpose solely. Nothing on the application should be taken to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation and we exclude all representations and warranties relating to the content and use of these applications.

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There are some major security related enhancements in v5.8. We strongly recommend app users upgrading to v5.8.



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