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Hardwood Backgammon Free

Hardwood Backgammon Free

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Hardwood Backgammon Free Hardwood Backgammon Free Hardwood Backgammon Free Hardwood Backgammon Free Hardwood Backgammon Free Hardwood Backgammon Free

Hardwood Backgammon Free 描述

Hardwood Backgammon, captures the classic fun of this historic board game also known as Tavla. Play against computer players or online with players from around the world.
✔ Easy to use interface
✔ Full match play + doubling cube
✔ Play online or even 2 player local for a real table top experience
✔ World class Neural Net Backgammon (Tavla) AI can be purchased in the ingame store
✔ Designed for both Tablet and Phones
✔ Achievements
✔ Ad Supported in the free version.
Specially designed for tablets and phones, Hardwood Backgammon breathes new life into your favorite board game with excellent graphics. Enjoy calming playing environments with ocean waves breaking in the distance. Compare your best scores with players from all over the world, with our online leader board. Enjoy achievement challenges that take the experience from just a single round of Backgammon to endless fun.
★ Want new features, have suggestions or found a problem? Email your feedback to support@silvercrk.com Be sure to mention the game name, and what android device you have.

Hardwood Backgammon Free 更新内容

Added Facebook Login for Android TV
Improved controller support
Using the camera background now works better
General stability improvements

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扑克棋牌 全部游戏
Android 4.0.3 以上
Google Play

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