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Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
vAzadar is an application which allows you to easily stream, cache & download Quran, Duas, Manqabat, Nauhey, Majalis from vAzadar library directly to your Android device.
Library consists of biggest collections of media files across the globe. You can easily search, browse or play playlists right from you device, shuffle media and lectures, view latest additions and far more! You can even cache whole folder over Wi-Fi without having to play them. Also includes offline mode which allows you to play cached files.
Our mission is to expand Azadari all over the world with different countries, languages, culture under one roof and commemorate Azadari together.
vAzadar library currently consists of following sections and we are planning to include different categories.
* Quran
* Duas
* Ziyarat
* Majalis
* Manqabat
* Nauhey
Check out the amazing features you get when you download vAzadar app:
* Works over Wi-fi/3G!
* Easy to navigate – works on all Android devices
* Streams directly to your device – never shuts down
* Search library for reciters, lectures and files directly from the Search tab
* Skip within files while they play
* Easily see newest additions, frequently playe & recently played files
* Shuffle from whole library with the press of a button
* Quick access to server playlists
* Caches current and next files to your device for best performance
* Download files when on Wi-Fi without having to play them
Desktop application is free to use and works on Windows, MAC & Linux operating systems. However Android application has Yearly Subscription (Hadiyah) of $4.99 only. As a subscriber, you'll get unlimited streaming of Quran, Duas, Ziyarat, Nauhey, Manqabat, Majalis recited by your favorite reciters across the globe from vAzadar library for a complete year.
If you have any problems or have comments or suggestions for improving our app, please contact us at webmaster@vAzadar.com, or call us at +1-678-506-0786 and we will do our best to assist you. Your feedback is important to us.
- Internet Connection is required to access vAzadar Library
- Subscription amount varies in different countries due to exchange rates
For more information, please visit vazadar.com

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Android 2.1.0 以上



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