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SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets

SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets

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SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets

SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets 描述

A must-have smartphone app for every savvy shopper that visits one of the 200+ Simon Malls® & Simon Mills® & Simon Premium Outlets® shopping centers nationwide. There’s no better way to maximize your shopping experience, whether at home or in the mall. So download the official SIMON Android App today.
Top App Features Include:
■ Access over 200 mall maps to help you navigate your local Simon shopping center.
■ Check out the latest deals, news and events available at your favorite mall.
■ Find the stores, dining and entertainment options that you care about at the Simon, Mills or Premium Outlets shopping center nearest you.
■ Connect with your mall on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
■ Share the best malls, stores, deals, news and events with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.
■ Add deals and events that interest you directly to your calendar so that you'll never miss out.
■ See what available shopper services & amenities any given mall offers.
■ Easily check the balance of your Simon Malls, Simon Mills or Simon Premium Outlets Simon Giftcards®.
■ Contact us or provide app feedback all from within the app.
■ Learn more about the other parts of Simon, including our offerings to businesses, investors and job seekers.
■ Sign up for emails that help you save time and money at your mall & become a Mall Insider® today.
■ Quickly look up mall hours, driving directions, local weather conditions and mall contact information.
The SIMON Android App supports Simon regional malls, Mills shopping centers & Simon Premium Outlets centers all across America including, but not limited to, those in the following cities / states:
New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Washington DC, Boston, MA,
Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, Austin, TX,
Philadelphia, PA, Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO and Seattle, WA
Also, the SIMON iPhone App now has full support and detailed mall maps for over 200 centers including, but by no means limited to the following top malls, mills & outlet centers:
The Forum Shops, Fashion Centre At Pentagon City, King of Prussia®, Del Amo Fashion Center®, Roosevelt Field®, The Galleria, Sawgrass Mills®, Woodfield Mall, Gurnee Mills®, Mall of Georgia, Town Center at Boca Raton®, Grapevine Mills®, The Florida Mall®, Fashion Valley, SouthPark, Philadelphia Mills®, South Shore Plaza®, Northshore Mall, Arundel Mills®, Lenox Square®, Potomac Mills®, Ontario Mills®, Barton Creek Square, Galleria Dallas, Dadeland Mall, Castleton Square Mall, Stanford Shopping Center, Great Mall®, Oxford Valley Mall®, Tacoma Mall, Menlo Park Mall, Brea Mall®, Burlington Mall®, Stoneridge Shopping Center®, The Mills at Jersey Gardens, Greenwood Park Mall, Smith Haven Mall, Town Center at Cobb, Rockaway Townsquare®, Cielo Vista, Copley Place, Ross Park Mall, Arizona Mills®, Great Lakes Mall, St Johns Town Center™, The Domain®, Coconut Point®, Katy Mills®, Westminster Mall®, Sugarloaf Mills®, Opry Mills®, Newport Centre, Wolfchase Galleria®, The Shops at Mission Viejo, Colorado Mills®, San Marcos Premium Outlets®, Birch Run Premium Outlets®, Camarillo Premium Outlets®, Wrentham Village Premium Outlets®, Philadelphia Premium Outlets®, Houston Premium Outlets®, North Georgia Premium Outlets®, Las Vegas North Premium Outlets®, Las Vegas South Premium Outlets®, Williamsburg Premium Outlets®, San Francisco Premium Outlets®, Desert Hills Premium Outlets®, Seattle Premium Outlets®, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets®, Orlando International Premium Outlets® & Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets®
Version 5.x of the SIMON Android Smartphone App has been optimized to support:
■ Android OS v4.0 and higher (which includes the following versions of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly bean, KitKat, Lollipop & Marshmallow)
■ All smartphone screen sizes, pixel densities & resolutions
■ All tablet screen sizes between 7" - 10", pixel densities & resolutions
一个必须具备为参观200+西蒙Malls®与西蒙Mills®与西蒙高级Outlets®的购物中心之一全国范围内每一个精明的购物者智能手机应用程序。有没有更好的方式来最大限度地提高您的购物体验,无论是在家里还是在商场。于是下载官方SIMON Android应用程序今天。
■轻松地检查你的西蒙商场,西蒙·米尔斯或西门Premium Outlets的西蒙Giftcards®的平衡。
西蒙Android应用支持西门区域购物中心,米尔斯购物中心及西蒙Premium Outlets的中心美国各地,包括但不限于那些在以下城市/州:
此外,SIMON iPhone应用程序,现在有超过200个中心,包括全面支持和详细的地图商场,但绝不限于下列顶级商场,钢厂及直销中心意思是:
论坛商店,时装中心在五角大楼城,Prussia®之王,德尔Amo时尚中心®,罗斯福Field®,嘉轩广场,索格拉斯Mills®,Woodfield购物中心,戈尼Mills®,乔治亚购物中心,市中心博卡Raton®,葡萄Mills®,佛罗里达Mall®,时尚谷,南方公园,费城Mills®,南岸Plaza®,北岸购物中心,阿伦德尔Mills®,莱诺克斯SQUARE®,波托马克Mills®,安大略Mills®,巴顿河广场,达拉斯美术馆,达特商城,卡斯尔顿广场购物中心,斯坦福购物中心,大Mall®,牛津谷Mall®,塔科马购物中心,Menlo Park购物中心,布雷亚Mall®,伯灵顿Mall®,斯通里奇购物中心中心®,在泽西城花园磨房,格林伍德公园广场,史密斯纽黑文购物中心,Cobb商业中心,洛克威Townsquare®,切洛Vista中,科普利广场,罗斯公园广场,亚利桑那州Mills®,大湖商城,圣约翰镇中心™,Domain®,椰子Point®,凯蒂Mills®,威斯敏斯特购物中心®,舒格洛夫Mills®,普里Mills®,新港中心,WolfchaseGalleria®,在Mission Viejo的,科罗拉多州Mills®,圣马科斯高级Outlets®,桦木运行高级Outlets®,卡马里奥高级Outlets®,伦瑟姆村高级Outlets®商店,费城高级Outlets®,休斯顿高级Outlets®,北格鲁吉亚高级Outlets®,拉斯维加斯北高级Outlets®,拉斯维加斯南高级Outlets®,威廉斯堡高级Outlets®,旧金山高级Outlets®,沙漠岗Outlets®,西雅图名品折扣店®,Woodbury厂家Outlets®,奥兰多国际顶级Outlets®与奥兰多葡萄园高级Outlets®
■7之间的所有平板电脑屏幕尺寸 - ,像素密度和分辨率“10”

SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets 更新内容

New in Version 5.0:
1. Full support enabled for all Android powered tablets (7” and up screen sizes)
2. Improved how center maps are displayed for a more fluid user experience
3. Massively upgraded how Premium Outlets centers are handled within the app
4. Updated all onboard SDKs for less bugs, fewer crashes and increased performance
5. Added caching to the app to improve the speed
6. Increased support to now include Android devices running Marshmallow

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Android 4.3 以上
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