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Silly Mouth for Fun

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Silly Mouth for Fun Silly Mouth for Fun Silly Mouth for Fun Silly Mouth for Fun Silly Mouth for Fun

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Friendly Warning: NOT WORKING for all the devices!!!
This is a very simple app, nothing fancy, might be considered useless by many, and not surprisingly, we agree with that statement! On the other side, we have seen same kind of apps for the Apple's iPhone and other platforms, and wanted to provide the similar experience for the Android users for free even without ads! Now you can say there is an app for every silly thing :) In short, you may just get couple minutes fun from out of it. No annoying ads, we don't ask money for it, it is basically free and pure goofy fun! This is "once you are done, just remove it" type of app! It is voice activated, but unfortunately, it is NOT working on every phone out there!!! So, it may not work with your model! We did our tests in a very limited environment. Please report if it doesn't work for your device with the phone model you have if you could! Also, please write a review specifically if it's not working for you, and yes, sure, you can give 1-star rating just for fun :) If it is working, then enjoy it, bring a little smile to your world, make your friends laugh!
* Bugs fixes in the new version 1.0.2
This is quite unusual and definitely a first from us, nevertheless, here comes the silly fun app for your little entertainment and enjoyment! Nothing fancy, a free app, no ads, no network permissions required. Just pure fun: Hold it to your mouth and start talking :) Your talk will activate the voice responding mouth movements.
Hope you all get a good laugh out of it and have a lot of fun. So, go ahead, surprise your friends, or use it as a silly icebreaker! People, specifically kids love it so much! Don't forget to tell your story in the reviews :)
Hope you will enjoy this app and other programs from Simply Useful Apps!
PS: We provide many free apps for different occasions.Please visit us on the web at http://simplyusefulapps.com

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Bug fixes!

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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