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Pure Luxury Free Live WP

Pure Luxury Free Live WP

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Pure Luxury Free Live WP

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Pure Luxury Free L WP!

v1.1 (15 June 2011/Wed):

+ Galaxy Tab and similar tablet support added!

+ New Images added.

We just released another great live wallpaper that you may enjoy: "Diamonds in the Sky". Please let us know what you think!

Attention: This is a LIVE WALLPAPER! Please read the instructions at the bottom!!!

Are you ready for a pure luxury for your new Android phone? If your answer is yes then there is this beautiful free live wallpaper is waiting just for you and/or for your mom since it is a good mother's day gift :) No external ads in this free lux version, it's all yours, however, please remember that this is a limited edition!


* Beautiful LWP for your Android device (how-to-set instructions provided at the bottom!)

* Sparkle animation (in the full version)

* Beautiful background images (many in the full version)!

* Full edition has digital clock, full date info

* Double tap to go to the android market

* High-end fashion lux items (many in full edition), watches, jewelery from Gucci, Givenchy, D&G, Guess, Coach, Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton and many more!

If you'd like to support us, please consider getting the delux edition of our apps! In the full version, it is interactive and very fun to play with: You can swipe your finger on the screen to create new sparkles and watch them gently float around to mesmerize you! And of course, we have many background pictures just for you. They will automatically change every 15 seconds!

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this program from Simply Useful Apps! If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know!

Also please tell us what you think by writing a review, we value your feedback and provide updates accordingly!



Legal Note: We believe all app info fall under the fair usage category, however, if you'd like removal request, please feel free to contact us at omt66@yahoo.com.

keywords: fashion, designer, lux, delux, luxury, watch, purse, necklace, timepiece, jewelery, gem, diamond, elegant, art, artistic, beauty

PS: Please note that this is a LIVE WALLPAPER app. To use it, select your menu, choose wallpaper, tap on Live Wallpapers and select the Pure Luxury Live Wallpaper from the list!

PPS: Don't forget to check out our apps, celebrity wallpapers and games for many platforms. Please visit us on the web at http://simplyusefulapps.com

Pure Luxury Free Live WP 更新内容


v1.1: Galaxy Tab and similar tablet support added! (15 June 2011/Wed)

Pure Luxury Free Live WP 历史版本

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手机美化 主题
Android 2.1.0 以上

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