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Tesla Sparks Free LWP

Tesla Sparks Free LWP

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Tesla Sparks Free LWP Tesla Sparks Free LWP

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Tesla Sparks Free Live Wallpaper!

Tesla Sparks is a LIVE WALLPAPER for geeks, nerds, hackers and tech lovers from all walks of life! You have lots of potential energy, now transform it to a visually stunning desktop effects for your new Android device!

Attention: Please note that this is the FREE Edition! Not all features are available! Only single touch enabled! Hope you will enjoy the lightning discharge effect. If you enjoy this please consider getting the donation edition. Thx so much as always...

*** Info for Full Donation Edition ***
Full version has very unique features like Swatch Internet Time, and Tech News RSS Reader which uses Yahoo RSS feed for the Tech News. Probably you know this already, but if you don't, please read the instructions below to see how to set your live wallpaper!

* Sparks that resemble great Nikola Tesla's famous experiment with electricity, and electromagnetism! Fully interactive, touch on the desktop to get electrocuted :)
* Multi-touch enabled!
* Swatch Internet Time: No more time zones, meet your twitter peeps with this zone-free time reference!
* Digital clock, full date month year and day info
* Beautiful live wallpaper with deep space background image for your Android device
* DOUBLE TAP on the top part of the desktop to show or hide clock & all the other info
* DOUBLE TAP at the bottom part of the desktop to show the current feed in your default browser
* Sparkle animation

It is interactive and very fun to play with: You can swipe your finger on the screen to create new sparkles and watch them gently float around to mesmerize you!

Hope you will enjoy this program from Simply Useful Apps! All profits will go to my son's college fund. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know!

PS: Please note that this is a LIVE WALLPAPER app. To use it, select your menu, choose wallpaper, tap on Live Wallpapers and select the Tesla Sparks Live Wallpaper from the list!

PPS: Don't forget to check out our apps, celebrity wallpapers and games for many platforms. Please visit us on the web at http://simplyusefulapps.com

Thanks so much,


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手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.1.0 以上

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