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Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free

Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free

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Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free

Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free 描述

Free trial version of our brand new fun camera app just for kids and teens (and yes of course, adults may enjoy it too but mostly for kids and teens!).
v1.1 (full version) released on June 2015.
No annoying ads, just pure fun. However, please note that this is the limited edition free version! It has only 3 templates (25 in the full paid version) and not all the functionality available!
Full Version Features:
* Simple, elegant and intuitive controls
* Fast and fun to use
* Many great themes and templates provided:
+ Kids fun times
+ Halloween, vamp, witch, wolf, bat
+ Xmas and holidays
+ Many fun picture frames
+ Cartoons like dinosaur, lion, giraffe, frog, butterfly, duck, rabbit
+ Mouse, cat, bird
+ Nature
+ Birthday party, fun food, balloons, etc.
+ Love, kiss, and hearts
+ Robot
+ Papers: Thorn paper, curled paper, stained paper
+ World famous places like Eiffel tower, Piza tower, Sydney opera house, London bridge, etc.
* Live drawing with many fun drawing tools
+ Stars: Go ahead and star paint yourself or your friends
+ Sparkles: Need to say more? Brighten your day!
+ Flowers and green leafs: Everyone loves them.
+ Cool shapes
+ Magic lines: You will love them!
* Eraser to quickly erase part of the live drawing
* App can be copied to your SD card
* Only portrait mode supported
* Most modern phones with camera and tablets supported, not tested on 10.1 tablets!
* Save the image to your gallery or send it with email
* Facebook & Twitter: No official integration done, however sharing by sending action can be handled by Facebook and Twitter if you already installed those native apps!
We hope you will like our app as much as we did. It is truly kids and teens tested :) They love it and enjoy it tremendously. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied, please return it for a full refund, but at least give it a try and take advantage of the introductory price...
As always, thanks so much! Please don't forget to write a review and rate the app, it always helps and motivates us. Also please write to us for your requests and questions at omt66@yahoo.com
Have a wonderful day...
Legal Disclaimer: Simply Useful Apps is not affiliated with Polaroid. The Polaroid mark and the Polaroid Classic Border Logo are trademarks of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, used under license.
PS: We also provide many free apps for different occasions. Don't forget to check out our apps, celebrity wallpapers and games for many platforms. Please visit us on the web at http://simplyusefulapps.com
* Facebook和Twitter的:没有官方的整合完成,但通过发送动作共享可以通过Facebook和Twitter,如果你已经安装的本机应用程序处理的!
免责声明:简单有用的应用程序不与宝丽无关。宝丽来商标和宝丽来经典边框标志是PLR IP集团有限责任公司,经许可使用的商标。

Fun Cam for Kids & Teens Free 更新内容

Bug fixes.

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生活实用工具 新闻阅读 搞笑
Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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