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Dotti Disposable Camera

Dotti Disposable Camera

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Dotti Disposable Camera Dotti Disposable Camera Dotti Disposable Camera Dotti Disposable Camera Dotti Disposable Camera

Dotti Disposable Camera 描述

Snap 12 photos, fill up a roll & get 4x6 inch beautiful prints delivered to your door. Dotti is a real disposable camera for android.
From the makers of featured apps: Postagram & Sincerely Ink
How Dotti works
Dotti is a free app - try it out - there is no obligation to order prints
Dotti works just like a disposable camera. Fill up a roll of film and get real photo prints
Each film roll is 12 shots.
Take photos with the Dotti camera. You have a chance to review each photo.
Finish your roll and get photo prints developed & delivered for $4.99 ($5.99 outside the USA)
Want doubles? Double prints are only $3 extra and as always include free shipping
You can choose to have your Dotti Roll delivered to your house or directly to a friend or family member
After you order a roll of film, the app recharges with a new roll. You start over taking your next 12 shots
About Dotti photo prints
Photos are 4x6 inches and printed on FujiFilm archival quality photo paper
Photos are glossy and produced using the silver halide printing process
Your prints are delivered in a custom Sincerely mailer and protected inside a Dotti envelope with a cardboard insert for protection.
Bonus features
Real disposable camera sounds: flash charge, film advance & film winding
Fun animations: Open your camera and look inside. See your film wind. See your exposure count advance.
Dotti’s icon notifies you of the number of shots you have left on your roll
Dotti accepts Sincerely credits. Buy credits at Sincerely.com/account/order and save up to 15%
The Sincerely.com Guarantee
If your Dotti prints get lost in the mail, damaged or you are otherwise not happy, we will send a replacement for free or return your money. We take full responsibility from the time you click “order” until your recipient is holding a beautiful Sincerely product in their hand
Contact us
Visit our website at: http://www.sincerely.com/dotti
Email us anytime at: team@sincerely.com
Call us 9am-6pm PST M-F at: 888-260-4005
Find us on twitter at: twitter.com/sincerely and twitter.com/dotti

Dotti Disposable Camera 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Version 1.1.1

- Fixed bug where adding images from gallery failed to upload.

Version 1.1

- Added ability to select image from gallery

Dotti Disposable Camera 历史版本

Dotti Disposable Camera 使用技巧

Dotti Disposable Camera 信息

摄影图像 美化
Android 2.1.0 以上

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