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Panaton Conferencing

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Panaton Conferencing Panaton Conferencing Panaton Conferencing Panaton Conferencing Panaton Conferencing Panaton Conferencing

Panaton Conferencing 描述

Panaton Conferencing will change the way you setup and participate in conference calls!
It empowers your conference calls with all digital connections in more than 40 countries (No VoIP), Call Me service (Call-back US & Canada), Skype in connectivity, as well as unique set of tools for conference management.
Features :
- Start conference fast and easy with your android phone!
- Real-time conference call management – see who is connected and disconnected, add participants
- Advanced conference scheduling
- Invite your participants through email and sms
- Integrates with your CRM - salesforce.com, SugarCRM
- Share address books from Plaxo , Google , LinkedIn
- Automatically place conferences in your Outlook and Google calendars, including recurring calendar events.
- Record conferences to downloadable MP3
- PIN-less dial-in: you do not have to enter a conference PIN number as long as the caller-id matches the number that the conference call invitation was sent for. Participants can even change the number prior to starting the conference.
- PIN-less call reconnect – the system recognizes your caller ID and automatically places you into the correct conference.
- Full Integration with your Outlook and Google Calendars
- And many more ....
There are three subscription plans:
BASIC plan
This plan is FREE. Use our basic conferencing plan for your occasional calls in a small business or with family and friends from around the world.
CLASSIC Unlimited plan
This plan is 4.94$/month. Enjoy a solution for frequent callers, corporate grate connectivity, reporting and functionality.
CALL ME Unlimited plan
This plan is 24.94$/month. Our CALL ME service would cut your mobile and conferencing cost in half with all digital callback connection for all your US & Canada participants.
Flat Rate conferencing in just 15 seconds sign up.
We'd love to hear from you! Feedback and questions are highly appreciated! Please email us at support@panaton.com or go to our help desk center http://help.panaton.com.

Panaton Conferencing 更新内容

- Integrated VoIP audio on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G
- Minor bug fixes

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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