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Post Position & image resize

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Post Position & image resize Post Position & image resize Post Position & image resize Post Position & image resize Post Position & image resize

Post Position & image resize 描述

PostPosition is an All-in-One sharing App. Resize images and/or add GPS information to them.
Adapt pictures for sharing them via Email or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, Blogger, etc.
# Simple to use, powerful in customization #
- Resize and compress images
- Keep using your favorite Gallery App and select "share with PostPosition", then you can share it with any other App, with your pictures already reduced in size (sometimes up to 100 times smaller!)
- Image reduction algorithm is optimized for the best picture quality and low disk size
- Share your current position with or without images
- Add / remove / modify GPS Geotagging information or Private data inside images
- Keep / remove photo EXIF data or only the GPS EXIF
- Automatic rotation of pictures according to orientation EXIF tag
- Store your location (or choose a fake one) and store it inside the pictures using EXIF or via text
- Share a Google link of your position or an embedded map
- Post to Twitter, Facebook or WordPress also using only Email
- Organize your contacts in groups for quick posting
- Find out and share also the Postal address where you are
- Less than 100KB! Optimized code for fast performance and small size
Discover the rest!
Usage #1:
Start PostPosition, attach files, post it.
Usage #2:
From any other App select "Share with" and choose PostPosition. Add / remove GPS info and resize the images and forward it all to another App.
Usage #3:
Select Attach File in any App. Choose PostPosition. Choose Gallery or any other App. Choose how to reduce it.
Usage #4:
Start PostPosition, take a quick picture, post it.
You can also simply start PostPosition and send your position to you friends via SMS, gTalk, Mail, Skype, Line, Tango or WhatsApp.
WhatsApp only allows you to share the position where you are currently, but with PostPosition you can select on a map the position where you want to meet and you are not yet (or the position you were supposed to be ;-).
You can personalize which other information you want to send (Street Address, City, Altitude, Coordinates etc.) and to who by default.
Posts can be sent via mail, so you can post Offline when traveling without Internet connection, and it will be sent automatically when syncing mails again.
Long tap on the map to set a (meeting/fake) position to send.
PostPosition is a All-in-One App which gathers most of the functions from all these Apps:
Here I am 2, I am here, One touch Location, Send my Location, Meet me here, Superious, PosterDroid, Posterous, GeoCam, Twidroyd, Seesmic, picplz, Plume, twicca, GeoTagger, Image Shrink, Image Resizer.
This is a functional Beta version and we're still working on it, please leave negative feedback yet.
This is a very hardware dependent App. I apologize for all issues you may find. Please DO SEND THE REPORTS so that we can fix it for your device or contact us per mail at postposition AT sitoplex .com
Suggestions and ideas are more than welcome.
Tip 1:
Post to Wordpress with a map using iFrames of your location. Keep a personal Blog with pictures of the places you visited.
Tip 2:
Just link your Posterous account with Twitter or Facebook and then use post@posterous.com - anything in subject line will turn in your Twitter/Facebook status.
With it you can post automatically without installing any other App to: Facebook, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buzz, FriendFeed, Jaiku, Plurk, Identica, Blogger, Tumblr, Shopify, Typepad, Xanga, Wordpress, MovableType, Drupal, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Blip.tv, Scribd and Delicious
Tip 3:
Go to blogger.com and create a blog.
From the Blogger dashboard, go to Settings -> Email and set up your own private mail-to-blogger address - something like abc.twitter@blogger.com
Go to twitterfeed.com, login with your OpenID and associate your Blogger feed to your twitterfeed account.
- 调整和压缩图像
- 使用您最喜爱的画廊应用程序,并选择“共享与后置”,然后你可以分享它与任何其他应用程序,与您的图片已缩小(有时高达100倍的小!)
- 图像还原算法进行了优化为最佳的图像质量和低廉的磁盘大小
- 分享您的当前位置有或没有图像
- 添加/删除/修改GPS地理标签信息或图像内的私人数据
- 保留/删除照片的EXIF数据或GPS EXIF
- 根据方向EXIF标签的图片自动旋转
- 存储位置(或假的),并将其存储使用EXIF里面的图片,或通过文本
- 分享你的位置谷歌的链接或嵌入地图
- 发布到Twitter,Facebook或WordPress还只使用电子邮件
- 组织中的联系人组快速发布
- 查找出来和大家分享的邮政地址,你在哪里
- 没有广告!
- 小于100KB!优化的代码,快速的性能和小尺寸
这是一个非常依赖于硬件的应用程序。我道歉,你可能会发现的所有问题。请做发送报告,使我们可以修复它​​为您的设备或每个邮件联系我们在后置AT sitoplex。
只需您的的Posterous帐户与Twitter或Facebook链接和然后使用post@posterous.com“ - 在主题行中会变成什么在你的Twitter / Facebook的状态。
从Blogger控制台,进入“设置” - >“电子邮件”,并成立自己的私人邮件-to-Blogger地址 - 这是如abc.twitter @ blogger.com

Post Position & image resize 更新内容

- Autoresize images received to the SD card. You can keep or not GPS or EXIF information and compress (to reduce file size).
- Added Google Maps iFrame support, and WordPress support.
- Added image thumbnails on the bottom when sharing images with this App.
Beta Version, please don't leave negative feedback yet!
It may crash because this App uses GPS and location systems which are very phone dependent.
If it crashes PLEASE SEND THE REPORT so I can make it work on your specific device.

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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