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Coupon Calculator

Coupon Calculator

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Coupon Calculator Coupon Calculator Coupon Calculator Coupon Calculator Coupon Calculator Coupon Calculator

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This tool is for people who spend Sodexo or ticket restaurant or any other coupons with denominations for which you will not get back change. You can now stop thinking about calculating the denomination. Coupon calculator is here for you to do that. This is a small calculator like tool, which will assist you in calculating the denomination of your coupons. This coupon calculator can also manage the coupons you have and will give out the calculation for your bill amount in such a way that you have to give minimal change by cash or optionally you can pay all by coupons with a minimal loss. This is developed for Touch based Android devices. The Main features are1. Coupon Store to manage your coupons.2. Calculate and List out the coupons to be paid for your bill amount with minimal/no cash.3. Option to pay the bill amount only by coupons.4. Audio option is available to dictate the coupons.5. Easy user interface to add, delete coupons and manage coupon store.6. Option to take Backup of your coupons, so that you can just add/load them to coupon store in a single click when ever needed.7. Long click option to edit the denomination count/update the coupon store on the fly.8. Now you can also keep track of the amount spent(Available from version 2.0 onwards).9. Option to undo the very recent transaction.10. Support for coupons with decimal denominations (from v3).11. Shake to clear spend history.12. Numeric calculator to calculate the bill amount13. User preferences for ease of use.14. Export spend histories. It is free app. So give it a try to explore yourself about how this app can help you. This is my first Android application and Please do give your feedback. The Internet permission is just for populating the Ad. and nothing else is done with it.The Storage permission is to export the histories. Thanks to Siva Sankar.K who helped me in creating the Icon, about images and all graphics related to This application.

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Android 3.0.0 以上

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